Chimica e Propedeutica Biochimica L. Binaglia, B. Giardina – Mc Graw Hill Ed. Chimica. I Bertini, C. Luchinat, F. Mani – Second Ed. – Casa Editrice Ambrosiana. 1. P. Zanello, S. Mangani, G. Valensin, Le basi della Chimica,Casa Editrice Ambrosiana. 2. i, at, , Chimica, Casa Editrice Ambrosiana. 3. Bertini, Ivano; Luchinat, Claudio; Mani, Fabrizio, Chimica inorganicaIvano Bertini, Claudio Luchinat, Fabrizio Mani. Milano: Casa Editrice Ambrosiana,

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The Teacher explains the relevance of the topics by giving practical examples of their application in the Students’ future professional milieu. Zanoni, Conoscere la chimica,Casa Editrice Ambrosiana.

Vaglio, Stechiometria per la Chimica Generale. Ionic and covalent chemical bonds.

Educational offer – University of Padova

Condensed phases and phase transitions. Factors affecting the rates of reaction. Un avvio allo studio della chimica,Casa Editrice Ambrosiana. However, because of the kind of the explanations that will be given during lectures, it is important that the Students already master some basic skills about the numerical calculus, in particular: Quantum numbers and electronic shells.

For additional information, see the website http: Introduction to inorganic chemistry, with examples regarding to 1st and 2nd group elements, as well as N,P,S,O and transition metals. Fundamental laws of chemistry. If the written examination is passed through “in itinere” tests, the proposed final rating coincides with editruce arithmetic average of the marks given in single tests.


The course consists of classroom lectures scheduled 64 hours and stoichiometry tutorials scheduled 24 hours. Text size Normal Large. Topics covered in this course include: Consigliato per approfondimento su temi di chimica inorganica.

Atomic and casw weights.

Molarity, molality and mass percentage. Examples of valid text books are the following titles that are also available in the Unisi libraries. Methods for measuring solution concentration. Basic knowledge of math, physics and chemistry at the level usually taught in high schools oriented towards science is required and sufficient to attend the classes for this module. Casa Editrice Ambrosiana, Deitrice procedi nell’utilizzo del Portale accetti l’utilizzo dei cookie presenti.

The final exam aims to verify skills and level of bertinu acquired by the student on the course contents. Solutions and their properties. Molecular structure of carbohydrates, lipids and proteins. Van der Waals equation. Peloso, Problemi di Chimica Generale. The main goal is to give the fundamental concepts of chemistry to the students for an easy comprehension of the subsequent chemical, enviromental, and biochemical curricula. First cycle degree courses. Conjugate acids and bases and relationship between Ka and Kb.

Hybridization of orbitals and geometry of the molecules.

Structure and chemical properties of the functional groups: Teaching and learning strategies. Colligative properties of solutions. Planned learning activities and teaching methods: School of dental medicine.


The Periodic Table and periodic properties. Basics of nuclear chemistry.

Università degli Studi di Perugia

The course is organized as follows: Little previous knowledge of chemistry is assumed, though obviously it is extremely helpful. Properties of liquids ambrosianna solutions. In particular, the chemistry of aqueous solutions will be emphasized, to enable a quicker grasp of specialized knowledge on the behavior of drugs.

The class of “General and Inorganic Chemistry” can be fruitfully attended also by those who have no prior knowledge of chemistry.

Guida Online, Università di UNISI

The assessment consists of a written test eventually integrated with an oral examination. Prerequisites Basic knowledge of math, physics and chemistry at the level usually taught in high schools oriented towards science is required and sufficient to attend the classes for this module.

Electrolytes and chemical equilibria in solution. Textbooks and optional supplementary ambrrosiana Martin S. A first-level degree is required for admission.