BESM, short for “Big Eyes, Small Mouth”, is a table-top RPG created with the aim to capture the feel of anime and manga in its gameplay. If you’re looking for a generic anime game, BESM will probably serve you The editing is a bit above average for an RPG, and while there are. N. BESM: ThE aniME and Manga rpg. forEword. Big Eyes, Small Mouth was born in out of a desire to play anime adventures and from a lack of any similar.

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Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. The title alludes to the common anime drawing style rppg characters with huge, expressive eyes and comparatively small mouths.

Various suplements for 2nd edition added all sorts of subsystems for things like skills, and cusomised special attacks. The third edition was at that time planned to come in three forms: This is the exact same system as used in 2nd edition, except that it uses 2d10 instead of 2d6 for resolution and other things are adjusted accordingly.

Originally created by the now defunct Bsm gaming company Guardians of Ordernow owned by White Wolf ‘s indie sub-company Arthaus. All of these innovations were incorporated into a second edition, which was released in to a very strong reception. Sales were good but the critical response was mixed.

A later revised edition of this version was published inwhich, due to errors in the proofing and printing processes, did not contain the full set of revisions in its bewm published form. MacKinnon had announced that the release would be delayed from its original release in the Summer of While I haven’t played 1st or 3rd, based on my experiences with 2nd and the problems with it – which came down to people having a lot of trouble figuring out how to mechanically represent their rpf concept, I’d think that 1e is the version to go with.


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Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. The game is currently dead, the most recent iteration being the third edition of the core Tri-stat system-based game. They’ve expressed an interest in GMing and I mentioned that Big Eyes Small Mouth was a system designed to basically be an anime and they were really excited.

Anything higher and you need to check what it does to make sure they can’t start teleporting people into the sun. It also pumps up the detail with which you define things to the extreme. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Powers are more stringetly. That said, 2e has its strengths, and is lower crunch than 3e. The rules allow for games to be played in any anime setting, from high-school romantic comedy to pet monster shows to dark horror.

It’s horribly unbalanced, offers very little in the way of GM tools, and does not serve its stated function well due to lack of focus.

Best version of BESM : rpg

I’ve never looked too deep at the d20 edition, but it didn’t appeal. It has no formal connection to BESM, but I would argue that it’s a sort of “spiritual successor” with a lot besj the same feeling, but streamlined and cleaned up.

This makes the system more open ended. I’m pretty sure the core book is available online for free somewhere too. Its the worst supported version but the best for doing everything with helpful sidebars on going lite on the rules and lots of content for those that want a little more crunch. besmm

  JRC 2903D PDF

It may have been because it was too close to 2e for me to bother changing over? However, that’s also out of print.

BESM (1st Edition) | RPG | RPGGeek

Also, take a look at OVA, its a nice balance between 1e and 2e and is still in print. I also own and have played 3rd edition, but I never quite grokked to it. Currently there are only a scant few traces of BESM anywhere on White Wolf’s main site, and they made it clear that they are not intending to support the system in any way, effectively killing the game. The initial edition, designed by Mark C.

MacKinnon offered a public explanation and apology, and offered to refund buyers who were dissatisfied with their purchase of the book. Like you said, it isn’t a genre. Instead of publishing complete games as they had done previously, the licensed books were published as ” Ultimate Fan Guides “.

If you go with 2nd edition, I recommend a small house rule, where if a character succeeds on their defense roll, but by less than the attack succeeded, they take half damage instead of none. It is frequently referred to by the acronym BESM.

Please refrain from personal attacks and discriminatory racist, homophobic, transphobic, etc. I only looked it over like once, when it came out, and I was probably feeling a little burned out on d20 at the time.