Comments. I searched Wikipedia to find information on blood type diets because I read about which you can read here: % 20Diets% Blood group B is, according to D’Adamo, the nomad, associated with a strong immune system and a flexible digestive system. technology have helped rebuild and normalize the bodily systems so they can function (internet search: “Biotype Diets ”). Generally. Characterizing Neurotrophic Systems in the Primate Amygdala That are Relevant to Reward Learning Capacity in Binge Eating Disorder.

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This is an impossibility. I see Laura Power ‘PhD’ http: The key point is that no scientific research has either proven or dis-proven these theories.

Alteripse, I’d like to be worthy of jjem trouble. These sources are valid for the article, but they are not being properly employed by scholarly writing standards.

They are mostly opinions, not based on in-depth research. But this also means that the presence of such studies then requires that mere “opinions” of scientists that have no reference to any studies then do not get included in the article. I helped craft this niotype page and it was a tooth and nail fight to balance the views of diet advocates and skeptics.

D’Adamo bases this on the belief that O blood type was the first blood type, originating 30, years ago. More remarkable is that this section is exclusively material in favor of the ABO diet and five of the six items listed are by D’Adamo, himself.

Talk:Blood type diet/Archive 1

None of these citations mentions any such consensus. The diet recommends that this blood group eat a higher protein diet. The term Lectin was defined in to describe plant proteins that clump blood. As someone who has studied the blood type diet hypothesis extensively, I take immediate issue with your claim that “blood type diet is not at all founded in solid theory. Most do not represent comprehensive scientific studies of biotypd subject. dets


Be happy you dont seem worth the trouble right now. In reality, there should be an Wikipedia entry on the ‘Non-transfusion significance of human blood groups’ since there is a lot of information on the subject that is not reflected anywhere else in the encyclopedia and a title similar to this will not act as a lightening rod for diatribes like ‘Blood Type Diet’ does.

If writing an article from scratch is deemed preferable for some reason http: If you are could you please admit that or state that you work with him before editing the page. We need secondary Reliable Sources with scientific data, not a totally unsupported claim that futhers D’Adamo’s interest.

Talk:Blood type diet/Archive 1 – Wikipedia

This is clearly an education problem. I agree some of the criticisms may be irrelevant, but the key criticisms no evidence of efficacy beyond testimonials, and implausibility of the theoretical underpinnings continue to be fatally valid, and have never been refuted by your “responses”.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Another oversimplification I suppose.

Since the diet is, unfortunately, very well known and the article was not uncritical I regard that decision as incomprehensible. Your rejection of their systrm does not constitute a “consensus,” nor has there been sufficient scientific investigation of the hypothesis to warrant your claim that a “consensus” has been reached “that the theory is unsupported by scientific evidence.

Folks, it’s all about money. N o f o rmation Talk Is this article worth cleaning up? I searched Wikipedia to find information on blood type diets because I diete about them in a magazine, but I could not find anything except this article.

The article makes an inaccurate statement there, there are Jnm scientific studies that do support Elderberry as having anti-flu properties.


Wikipedia is a forum for encyclopedic reporting of reality as we as a human species collectively know it, not as a place to grandstand about particular views and political positions amongst the various schools of medicine.

I would siets posit to you that neither would be appropriate in the instant case. Gareth E Kegg talk Although it has the ring of the scientist, the facts are incorrect. To claim that there is scientific consensus in opposition to his work is to make a larger claim about nnem moderators’ personal views about the education and practise of naturopathic medicinewhich is not appropriate in this article. What I have seen from the “criticisms” of true scientists in any of those fields is that while they concur with D’Adamo’s assessment of the evidence, because they are unable to take the “bigger picture” of the hypothesis into account, they state that it is “impossible” diest extrapolate the evidence to make viable dietary recommendations.

There is a lot of technical discussion from the advocates’ perspective to provide background, but not so much specific critical response.

I used ip2location [1] to trace the ip to Norwalk, and a search for “D’Adamo Norwalk” brings up his clinic. That said, D’Adamo is far from a “quack,” and one cannot deny that to study anthropology, lectinology, immunology, genetics, and epigenetics is not a common occurrence.

This article has glaring NPOV issues and should never have languished so long. This means such studies should be then noted in the article. Furthermore, the man advertises himself as a Doctor he is NOT an MD and tells you how you can become a patient in syshem of his clinics.