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The following relationships apply: Details are displayed using Use Filter.

It is possible to reference several interfaces because there may be several technical ways of performing a business process step. Namespaces integraiton be globally unique, and not just for software components; they make interface objects uniquely identifiable.

The mapping is converted by using XSL. Implementing Technical Systems 3. How the Pipeline Works — Example of an Asynchronous Scenario BIT The expression in the left operand that is entered using the expression editor refers to an element in the message payload; the expression in the right operand is a fixed value that is to be compared.

Course: PI Message Mapping – Springest

With one and the same system, an IDoc can be delivered once; a file can be stored on the server of the the receiver; the mail server of the receiver can be contacted; and lastly, the file can be written directly to a receiver’s database table. The information contained herein may be changed without prior notice. A sender system with an outbound interface is available. Elements belonging to a complex data type can be typed with an elementary XML type, an elementary data type, or with a complex data type.

Logical and Technical Routing If you created a new procezs system in the SLD, you may have to clear the SLD data cache in the Integration Directory so that you can see the new business system in the list. A list of possible selection criteria that you can use when displaying messages, is displayed.

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Search for the software components listed above. The message is transferred to this queue by using qRFC. For which sender communication component has a receiver determination been created?

Example text Screen output. A product is proocess grouping of software components that is shipped to customers. Determine the software components installed in the SAP back-end system of the current course. The following applies to confirming acknowledgements: Introducing the Scenario Lesson Overview This lesson introduces the sao scenario. In this context, specified means that you define in detail the structure of the modeled objects, for example, which functions of objects you inntegration to make available using operations, and which data structure is to be used to describe a message.

Configure the asynchronous scenario that is described in the business example. A message type can be used for both outbound and inbound service interfaces.

Further processing depends on the number of receivers determined. To implement a business process in this system landscape, you need to analyze the technical properties of the various systems and the application components that are installed.

PI Message Mapping

This starts Java Web Start. It references a single, complex data type. In principle, you make a distinction between synchronous and asynchronous processing. If more than one receiver is determined during logical routing, the inbound message is duplicated in a message split. If the interface is used in an integration process, then it becomes an interface with the attribute abstract, this attribute has no direction outgoing or inbound but represents the placeholder of the message in the integration process.

Structure and Value Mapping Usually, the outbound interface of the sender software component and the inbound interface of the receiver software component are not identical. You want messages to be sent as uniformly as possible when data is transferred between systems.


SAP – PI Message Mapping

The four values party, sender communication component, sender interface, and namespace uniquely identify a receiver determination.

Netweaveg or more receivers can be entered here. The structure of the message that is sent differs from the structure of the file expected by the target system. To be more precise, a communication channel contains the adapter configuration, including the adapter-specific configuration parameters and the connection data for the target system.

The interface facilitates the smoothest transition to other SAP NetWeaver administration tools, such as user management. Example text Exact user entry.

Besides the information about the software components and their interfaces, information about the actual system landscape is required. Message Mapping Figure Message processing within the runtime environment is the same for all messages, regardless of the connection method. Communication profile objects Lists the cross-scenario configuration objects, which include communication components and communication channels and party, if applicable.

Test the scenario again. In the data-flow editor, you can display and edit the target-field mapping for any target field. Introducing the Scenario Figure The Enterprise Services Repository Integration Repository allows you to define the relationships between interfaces and business processes in a transparent way.

There is a range of predefined technical context objects to enable you to access the message header information. The Pocess Mappings node is available only when message mappings are available.