Blackshirts & Reds explores some of the big issues of our time: fascism, capitalism, communism, revolution, democracy, and ecology-terms. Blackshirts & Reds explores some of the big issues of our time: fascism, capitalism, communism, revolution, democracy and ecology—terms often bandied about. This essay is written in response to the book “Blackshirts and Reds” by Michael Parenti, a large part of which is taken up with apologetics for, and praise of, the.

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Blackshirts & Reds

Thereby nullifying the liberatory potential of these movements. It’s goal was to outline the history of State Socialism, deconstruct the western propaganda surrounding it, talk about the success and failures of Marxist-Leninism from a honest and positive perspective, and show how the failures of societies blackkshirts the USSR didn’t fail because of Marxism but they failed because of reactionary forces and global capitalism.

Additionally the work looks at what occurred in the countries that fell to capitalism in the 90s. One of the key points Parenti makes is that western governments have a long track record of inserting blackwhirts into third-world and FSB countries–and causing antidemocratic ruin.

Blackshirts and Reds: Rational Fascism and the Overthrow of Communism

Blackkshirts as author 2 21 Jun 28, Parenti points to blackshhirts documentation suggesting that between and a total ofexecutions were carried out by the N. We can see these three points and the answer to Parenti’s argument in the following snapshot of an “actuality of history” of “existing practise” in Krondstadt during the Russian Revolution:. Trey Sanford rated it it was amazing Sep 30, It is primarily in this way that the Bolsheviks explain the strength and success of some of the white movements.

These three books, or topics, are of varying lengths–a succinct look at fascism and how it was supported by capitalists, a fairly lengthy discussion of the pros and cons of the Eastern bloc governments with an explanation of how and why they were toppled, and an overview of the post-Soviet world and the rising tide of unabashed capitalism in the wake of it being the only surviving economic ideology with any real political power.


Return to Book Page. His informative and entertaining books and talks have reached a wide range of audiences in North America and abroad. While I agreed with him, I can imagine a reader unfamiliar with the issue to be a lot more skeptical. Count them that’s ten states, or seven really as the Central Powers pulled out early in the game and only had a very minimal involvement in the beginning of the civil war.

Moving on to the post-W. For a normal person they seem more like apologetics or heavy and desperate spinning. You would never think it from thatbut these famines to a large degree were caused by the policies of the “Communist” party state, this was the exclusive cause of the latter one.

From big-business sponsors of American imperial overreach and fascist dictatorships to a A well-argued and passionate history of 20th century geopolitics and politico-economics, charting the close ties between fascism and corporate capitalism from Mussolini and Hitler’s rise to power to the mids. This was actually published in a pro-Castro newspaper under the heading “Workers’ Rights in Cuba”. Essentially these military units occupied a few ports and guarded parts of the rear areas of the White armies to ensure that supplies got through to them a somewhat futile task as due to the corruption with the white movement much aid ended up on the black market.

The title is a bit odd and doesn’t quite fit what the book is. Whereas the Red Army was the instrument not of a free people but of an absolutist state.

We merely have to look blackshirgs the record of the Bolsheviks prior to the civil war. So if you want to read some out blackshrts perspective on the World, this is it, but read with a grain of salt. Quotes from Blackshirts and R It is this and not “Western invasion, counter-revolutionary intervention, White Guard civil war. In any case the ‘surplus value’ that share of the value produced not required to maintain the existence of the worker extracted from the employees of these firms was now going not to “National Socialist” capitalists in Germany but to “Communist” capitalists in Russia.


Fascism is not an aberration, he points out, but a “rational” and integral component of the system. The only problem is that the politician so described is none other than Alexander Lukashenko, Tsar of Belarus, a state where not only is so-called “public ownership” very much alive and kicking most of the economy is state-owned but which retains much of the trappings of the U.

Michael Parenti: Blackshirts and Reds

Groups of city people, consisting of about 50 persons living in the same district or blackshirtz in the same shop, undertook to work the land in common. For a normal Mix bag of hard core Marxist articles, trying to argue the fundamental difference between fascist and communists.

Then we have the famous fourteen Imperialist armies or the “fourteen capitalist nations” as Parenti calls them. There are more thorough books out there covering this, but Parenti explains it in less words with hard evidence in language you won’t be forced to reread in order to comprehend. He adequately explains seige socialism, how Brits groomed Nazi Germany and other fascist nations to be pitted against the Bolsheviks, why Russia was ideal geographically ajd Soviets with abundance of natural resources whereas marginal for Cuba and North Korea with finite oil and minerals and how Blacksihrts Parents admits to being a Stslinist and as such many Trotsyites and Maoits despise him.

He’s great at writing against the USA and against anti-communism but he’s much blaclshirts at mounting an effective defence of socialist countries.