Scahill, a regular contributor to the Nation, offers a hard-left perspective on Blackwater USA, the self-described private military contractor and. Jeremy Scahill: The only punishment doled out to US security men of the leading US mercenary firm Blackwater, has seldom appeared in. Review: Blackwater: The Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Scahill demonstrates the widespread outsourcing of military tasks to a.

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That’s a shame, since there is some interesting information presented in the book. And they can brutalize, kill, abuse the local population as much as they like, without any fear of being brought to justice. Perhaps the greatest enemy to the United States is its military-industrial complex. My bladkwater issue with this book was that it was a bit of a disjointed read. I used to subscribe to The Nationbut eventually found its “reporting” to be wildly simplistic, dogma First, a little background on my own biases: Jeremy Scahill has an ax to grind and a certain amount blackwxter bias shows through in this expose of Blackwater’s corporate army.

Not surprisingly, Prince said he supported the continuation of Order 17 in Iraq, the Bremer-era decree giving organisations such as Blackwater immunity from prosecution in Iraqi courts. I had no idea that such a piece of fiction could actually come true in my own country. I did blcakwater, however, that Scahill reached a little bit by stating that Blackwater Scahill’s book should be highly commended for its incredible wealth of information about Blackwater, the people at the head of the company, and the actors that influenced and supported the private security firms during acahill first three years of the Iraq War.

Don’t get me wrong, I am disturbed by the fact that our government is semi-secretly building a corporate army the new “Praetorian Guard” as the author calls it to loyally serve the far right, that this army seems xcahill far to be impervious to any attempt to hold it accountable for its actions in the way that the actual military is to some degree anywayetc.

Look, I believe that there are pros and cons when it comes to privatisation, but the thing is that there really needs to be some accountability.

The total factual information about Blackwater contained in this book could have easily been condensed down to pages or less. Show 25 25 50 All.


It’s clear that Scahill believes that Blackwater is evil and I can’t say that I di Jeremy Scahill has an ax to grind and a certain amount of bias shows through in this expose of Blackwater’s corporate army. I could only read a bkackwater bit every morning. To view it, click here. There were legitimate concerns about the use of domestic paramilitary groups, which were accountable neither to the judiciary nor the police and scahipl on behalf and in the interests of private individuals.

Well this is the history of Blackwater.

I picked up this book hoping it would provide some good basic information bpackwater Blackwater, with the understanding from the dust jacket that it likely would reach certain ultimate conclusions I might not agree with. There were also the executive orders laid down which basically meant that the private security contractors could not be held accountable for their actions on the ground.

This is a tough book to review: Also the short-sightedness, what will happen now that we don’t have a president who matches agendas with the owners of this large private army? War against your people.

The scandal of Blackwater

This is the On September 16,machine gun fire erupted in Baghdad’s Bllackwater Square, leaving seventeen Iraqi civilians dead, among them women and children. Please help improve this article by introducing citations to additional sources. View Full Version of PW. Oct 20, Mike rated it liked it. In contrast, Scahill seems to bring up numerous issues simply to further taint Blackwater’s image; had someone who worked scahipl Blackwater ran over a possum driving home from work or torn the little tag off their mattress, I suspect Scahill would have included that too.

Between it being a last minute blackwatter, at least one of the guys was in the doghouse with higher ups, the Iraqis not only had a camera there to record the whole event but they had an anti-American sign written up in ENGLISH all ready to show. You shall not give scahipl testimony against your neighbor. At the hearing Prince boldly declared that in Iraq his men have acted “appropriately at all times” and appeared to deny that the company had ever killed innocent civilians, only acknowledging that some may have died as a result of “ricochets” and “traffic accidents”.

Scahill overstates the sheer size of Blackwater and other companies’ presence in war zones. No, I don’t think it was worth my time or money. Dec 17, Cara M rated it liked it Shelves: But not all mercenaries came from the USA and Europe in the sense of maximizing profits, because they demanded horrendous prices.


Scahill describes Blackwater’s schaill, from an early emphasis on administrative and training functions to what amounts to a combat role as an blsckwater security force in Iraq.

Jeremy Scahill: The scandal of Blackwater | Opinion | The Guardian

Decisions about contracts for private security are made exclusively by the executive branch, and very inaccessible to the public. Apparently the company was cutting costs and sent the men out in pairs instead of the normal 3, so there was no dude with a gun in the backseat protecting the guys in front who didn’t have accurate maps and were kind of lost and occupied navigating a city that even the marines wouldn’t enter at that time because the Americans were so hated there.

The thing is that this has a lot to do with privatisation, and honestly, it is a really tricky topic to look at.

But a bigger problem for me was Scahill’s bias and sometimes misleading reporting. It’s clear that Scahill believes that Blackwater is evil and I can’t say that I disagree with him. The “Caspian Guard” operation used Blackwater troops to guard the oil pipeline through Georgia after the US helped to subvert the government of Eduard Amvrosiyevich Shevardnadze during the so called Rose Revolution in favor of Mikheil Nikolozis dze Saakashvili because the former wasn’t pro-US enough.

That gave them virtual license to do whatever they wanted since Bremer had also ruled that the Uniform Code of Military Justice also did not apply.

The nation will not be aroused in opposition if such people are killed or injured and may not even be aware of it as casualties become “proprietary information”. He is the author of the best-selling book Blackwater: In its infinite wisdom, the administration Bremer decided to make contractors immune from any prosectution for crimes committeed while in Iraq while performing their role under contract. In the words of a Chilean torture victim turned advocate: I wonder how that efficiency argument can hold if it is repeatedly stressed in the book that private contractors are paid 3 times as high as a US military personnel.