Bleed for Me [Michael Robotham] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. She’s standing at the front door. Covered in blood. Is she the victim of a. When year-old Sienna Hegarty appears at the back door of psychologist Joe O’Loughlin’s estranged wife, dazed and dripping blood. Title: Bleed for Me (Joseph O’Loughlin) Author(s): Michael Robotham ISBN: 0- / (USA edition) Publisher: Mulholland Books.

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Having an animal tortured and not showing much reaction is unnecessary and upsetting. TV Chiefs, are you paying attention? Want to Read Currently Reading Read. It may be something in her mind. Ellis was the type of guy who would listen to his fellow students as the counselor miichael have.

He is saddened by his separation from wife, living blded Bath and trying to build a hew life when his daughter’s best friend, Sienna, is arrested for killing her father. Retrieved from ” http: The last time I read a bedtime story.

Bleed for Me

There is a scene in this book that might be very disturbing to some people. View all 8 comments. Jan 21, Kim Dyer rated it really liked it. Though worth reading, his books will put you through an emotional wringer. I got up this morning, fed the cats, ofr the book up and didn’t put it down until I was done.


The year-old can’t remember what happened that night but, at the same time, Sienna doesn’t mourn her father’s death.

I really do like his stories The sub-plot, about a racist arson tobotham in Bristol, is perfectly pitched and may or may not!! He took it easy on Sienna. And that’s truly scary. I don’t need to see “Ah” for “I” and “aye” constantly sprinkled in.

I hope that Joe O’Loughlin will stick around for a long time. Other books in the series. Paperbackpages. Also, the mystery had lots of twists and turns and the action was well paced.

Bleed For Me

The flaw is there is just too much of a good thing Sienna was a fourteen year old girl who loved school, especially Drama class, including, Mr. See page if you want to know. Joe, the main character, narrates the story Bleed for Me is the first book by Robotham I’ve read and the fourth in this series.

Certainly the last O’Loughlin book I read was the one that Robotham quipped his wife was worried might stop them from being invited to dinner parties. Is she the victim of a crime? She took it, mostly because she never wanted to be in her own home.

Michael Robotham is a fantastic writer! This is the stronger of the two, and I’m looking forward to reading more Robotham in the coming days. Sternbuchhandlung Germany My favorite thriller for the spring season!


Bleed For Me by Michael Robotham – book review

He was also a good friend to Joe, doing all he could to help; using contacts within the force to search for information. Alot of very dark secrets are uncovered about Sienna’s life – some which were very hard for me to read.

You’ve done it again Mr Robotham – managed to keep me up more half the night reading another of your unputdownable Joseph O’Loughlin thrillers. Recommendation- I recommend this book for people who enjoy mystery but also can handle more adult things. It seemed that, after the cake had been cooked up, the author realized he forgot to put in the eggs and there was little he could do to keep the novel from falling flat. Books by Michael Robotham. Less can be more, Mr Robotham. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies.