Hope appeared out of nowhere, naked and alone, a woman without a past. The only thing she knows is that she is imbued with a strange power. It’s in her blood. Book Review: Shannon K. Butcher’s Blood Hunt This story is more of a bridge in that Butcher introduces a new species and new problems in. Series By Shannon K. Butcher; Books By Shannon K. Butcher. Most Popular Books Similar Authors To Shannon K. Butcher Blood Hunt. from: $ #5.

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She understands that Helen and Lexi are her longlost sisters, but there is no emotional attachment here.

The love scene in the barn was beautifully written, not just mechanical. Dec 05, Texas Reader Stacy ehannon it really liked it Shelves: I get why we didn’t have as much romance as we are used to, so I am willing to bolod it go Again this series just keeps getting better and better. While I quite liked Blood Hunt, getting to see more about the Sanguinar demons, I was more interested in the secondary characters and their situations and where Blood Hunt would take their stories.

What I wasn’t impressed with: It was difficult to warm up to him in previous books but he bucher me completely in this one. Which brings me to the following Return to Book Page. Not one of the best, but I do appreciate Bloo skill at the long tease. Ava is a pregnant human held captive by Synestryn. I’m really glad that I stuck with this series, because this book and the last were really, really engaging.

For Hope, helping people while searching for her true self was in her blood and then some.

As long as she shannoh her act together and stops acting like a selfish indignant brat. Counting the cost of your service to others so the debt can be repaid? The focus here is on Project Lullaby, a plan by which the Bunt intend to create a food supply for their race. Her memories from before she was found are hidden to both her and to Logan and she doesnt know who she is or what she is. We weren’t exposed to the fact that this race have been starved for centur 5 stars, most definitely!


She is just not mentally ready for it.

Blood Hunt is butchet Logan who is not one of the Sentinel Warriors but a Sanguinar demon which means Logan is similar to a vampire as he lives on blood yet has been cursed and therefore cannot go out in the daylight but Sanguinar demons can also heal and they are key to the Sentinel Warriors survival but are very much disliked because they need blood to survive and the Sanguinar population is slowly dying because of their lack of blood now Logan and Tynan bloor been working on project lullaby trying to match compatible humans who have powerful blood to help the Sanguinar population survive.

So awesome, loved this revelation!

There is Joseph who seems to be really attracted shabnon a Slayer woman. It actually felt good and natural the way it all happened, given that everything takes place over a matter of a few days.

Blood Hunt

It seems that they are developing tentative truces, so here’s hoping that all works out. I wonder how far down the line her story is and who she will end up bonded to. Her whiny ungrateful obnoxious attitude towards him got under my skin the most, acting like Tynan did nothing to help Tori. It’s in her blood. Feel free nunt contact Shannon via her website. Being a former engineer and shabnon nerd, she frequently hlood charts, graphs and tables to aid her in the mechanics of story design and to keep track of all those pesky characters and magical powers.

This could have been a 5-star read had the author stuck much more to Hope and Logan and left the other stuff for other books.

About Shannon K Butcher After spending too many years as an industrial engineer, Shannon learned to write from her husband, bestselling author Jim Butcher. He wouldn’t want to hold her back like that. I hate that people see his scars and are afraid of him.


Eric Phelantheir brother, is a possible mate for Hope. The Characters Logan and his brother Tynan are Sanguinar.

Blood Hunt (Sentinel Wars, #5) by Shannon K. Butcher

It’s in her blood. Sounds wrong when you say I really love this series, it spins a whole new version of vampires and demons. Her charges have recently Hope is attracted to Logan as well in ways she thought not possible and unlike her experience with other men.

And given that I read a lot of vamp books, the Theronai were always a refreshing change. When Hope and Logan both fall prey to Krag, a powerful desire grows between them. I will admit that I wasn’t sure I cared enough about the Sanguinar to last through the book, but I was wrong. Overall, I’m pretty satisfied with Blood Hunt. I received this book for free from the library in exchange for an honest review.

And two men want to posses it. My friend Mello got me looking at it. You finally got what you wanted and now you’re unhappy with it? I felt all of Logan’s anguish. Andreas Phelan is the new leader of the Slayers with a proposition for Joseph. I have a really ha This is really disappointing for me, especially since the last book in the series was a 4 star read.

Madoc is mated to Nika see Living Nightmare and her sister Andra is with Paul Finding the Lost ; they recently rescued their sister Tori from the Synestryn, but it may be too late. The writing is fast-paced, but not obnoxiously so, and I find myself liking the ch Basic Plot: He’s interesting; again there are layers.