The Drake Chronicles is a series that just keeps getting better and better Alyxandra Harvey has created a fun, fast paced and seriously sassy vampire series. As the numerous vampire tribes gather for the Blood Moon, an important vampire ceremony, Lucy and the Drake brothers could not help but. Book V: Blood Moon. NEWS! Publication date has moved up to June ! All because you guys wanted it and kept asking for it~ Thank you! The POVs are.

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I was utterly at a loss. Aug 10, Haley rated it liked it. In a surprising but necessary turn of events, Blood Moon is dark, dark, dark; Harvey proves that her characters are more than just love-sick teenagers and Buffy-esque heroines.

If you thought the one from Bleeding Hearts was bad, wait till you read this, it’s a jaw dropper! I don’t enjoy it when urban fantasy descends into vampire politics and endless talk about who hates who and diplomatic relations between tribes and their security teams attacking people.

Solange is a whole other story. June 19th Publisher: Also, the books are action-packed, no waiting around for stuff to happen. Only Lucy and Nicholas kept me reading.

I am definitely going to be reading the next book though, especially as the misleading Lost Girls at the end made me think I still had a couple of pages left and I thought Harvey would explain what happened but no, she just decided to leave the book on an incredible cliffhanger. Jane of Air by Jessica Penot November 2, Being at a vampire hunter school and dating a vampire only subjects her to bullying by her classmates.


The ending was just a cliff hanger. Meanwhile, Lucy has had her whole world turned upside down. I didn’t enjoy the whole Viola storyline either. This Drake Chronicle has done a complete since the last book. Lest we forget, they are vampires. However, the events of this book are anything but fun.

Book V: Blood Moon – Alyxandra Harvey

She’s such a strong female heroine and I love how badass she is. Sometimes fueled by literary rage. I understand how a series works, I know that Harvey needed to up the stakes so close to the series alyxandar, but the sheer number of tribes and groups, human and vampire both, that were going against the Drakes was staggering, and I was confused and lost most of the time.

So now she has broke up with him because she feels bad about it and thinks it is the best way to handle things. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to send you away! May 19, Jennifer rated it it was amazing. Oh god, what have I done?

Harvey should have known better than to write that, and an editor should have bblood that and realized the mistake as well. Not like I loved book 3. It was also great to get a better idea of how and why Helena became the kick ass mum that she is now.

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Blood Moon

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. At times, this book can be very frustrating.

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And Blood Moon was, so far, my favorite book in the series. Over the past two books, however, Harvey has let her readers stew in their own aggravation after back to back cliffhanger endings. I don’t trust Constantine. My other major complaint is this book harveey like it doesn’t really have an ending.

Book V: Blood Moon

Nicholas is the next to the youngest Drake and very loyal to Solonge, but he is also Lucy’s boyfriend so he is having some mixed emotions on what to do during Solonges feral state and at the end of the book I sort of felt sorry for the guy. What I love most about Harvey’s writing is she is so good at her character plotting and characterization.

Or more like you want to be their crazy neighbor, Lucy, so you can ogle all the hot family members and have it not be weird And, How in heck are they going to fix all of this?

Oh my god I just can’t. Enchantress by Kristy Centeno. This was not my favorite in the series. There weren’t enough unresolved plot threads already. I would have preferred a more straightforward grab for the crown plot instead of this confused attempt at a storyline which was neither entertaining or exciting.