Bloodstains has ratings and 49 reviews. Glenn said: Review: “Bloodstains” Author: Jeff MudgettI received a copy of “Bloodstains” from a friend. My. Bloodstains is the startling tale of one man’s search for the truth after inheriting the personal diaries belonging to his great-great-grandfather who he discovers. In his book “Bloodstains”, Jeff Mudgett tries to convince readers that his purported ancestor, American serial killer H.H. Holmes, was Jack the Ripper.

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Bloodstains The Book by Jeff Mudgett

Have you ever felt lost and unsure about yourself? Once you start this book you will be drawn in! After his grandfather’s death, Jeff stumbles upon things related to the family secret that send him on a journey to discover the tr Did you grow up feeling like something was missing, but you couldn’t put your finger on it?

Be warned, this is not a book for the faint of heart as some of the descriptions of Holmes’ killings are just graphic enough to gross you out. Bloodstajns author’s journey is like a harrowing descent into a dark and demented rabbit hole. Call me crazy but I was somewhat rooting for the bad guy mudgetg this one – not that I want to see people mugdett murdered but there are definitely many facets to this gem and I was anxious to examine the world through all of them.

Jeff Mudgett

I give this book the highest marks for the depth its journey carries a reader. I had a tendency to identify with Jeff more than, perhaps, I should care to admit.

No more comments found. Forensics author and investigative author, T.

This is Holmes’ great-grandson, who didn’t know about his family history until he received a box after the death of his surly grandfather. I loved that it held me captive in its stony depths, I loved that it invaded my dreams, I loved that it made me question my own sanity after reading it. Smith rated it it was amazing.



Holmesall I knew of Jack the Ripper was he was a serial killer in the 18oos who killed prostitutes. Such a question is one each individual must answer for themselves. And to be frank, I find it a bit unbelievable. The body in the grave turned out to be!!??

Aug blkodstains, A. This book will become as legendary as the monster that it so deliciously incorporates.

The writing is not that refined. I am facinated by serial killers, so know I approach this from that slant. Holmes did not shoot someone from afar or quickly slice their necks, which would be bad enough; he tortured them in ways my mind cannot even fathom.

Holmes, one of the most prolific and evil, and his descendants. This book is badly written, full of cliches and obvious errors.

Adolph Hitler shot himself on April 30, Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Based upon never before revealed historical facts, Jeff pieces together a dynamic and extraordinary puzzle, including the strong possibility that Herman Mudgett was also Jack the Ripper.

Holmes the way that his own great-great-grandson can but – aside from that – assuming that this story were based purely on fiction and without the added allure of the infamous serial-killer, it was a shockingly unique piece of literature.

His body was buried encased in concrete. Struggling with resisting the orders of the Voice and following his own moral compass he is driven to the brink of disaster.

But, I remained open to all possibilities—and am glad I did. Holmes, the infamous serial killer, yet calling him such does his pure evil little justice as you come to know him throughout the book. Published Jul 11, at 6: Finally, with nowhere else to turn, Jeff is forced to make the decisions of his genetic lifetime in a life-or-death struggle in order to win the greatest prize of all: During his obsession with truth, he was inflicted with seizures from an unknown origin.


Dec 13, Shawn rated it mudgftt liked it.

Blodstains to Blog Talk RadioMudgett explains that the Ted Talk company asked him to conduct a grand jury— before the audience— holding Holmes responsible for the Jack the Ripper murders in London. He presents evidence about the distinct possibility of solving the mystery of Jack the Ripper, he goes on bkoodstains “ghost hunt” to the remnants of the Chicago Murder Castle, he finds the grave of Holmes, and takes the reader along every step mjdgett his adventure.

I would appreciate an opportunity to speak…Please feel free to peruse the compilation of this evidence now under both FBI and attorneys connected to some of the more contemporary cases these killers can be connected to. Only a sick individual would admit his great grandfather was a horrible serial killer. Sep 02, L.

Jeff Mudgett: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know |

Holmes and Jack the Ripper be one and the same? It deals more with how Mudgett coped with the news and the research he did, which is very interesting. In death, he was only considered with disregard. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Jun 20, Elizabeth Horton-Newton rated jfef really liked it.

What a mental ride this was. And when I closed the hloodstains, I felt it remain in my thoughts for many hours.