‘Blown for Good’ is Marc Headley’s autobiography, documenting him growing up in a family influenced by Scientology, joining the Sea Organization and finally. “Marc Headley, a former insider at the church, has written a tell-all book, called Blown for Good, about his 15 years of work with Scientology. And folks you. The latest Tweets from Marc Headley (@blownforgood). Blown for Good, my book on my 15 years @ Scientology Int HQ & eventual escape is on sale.

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Although I understand her parents were also brainwashed they should have protected her. Marc Headly’s story is also infuriating but there is whole other element to his tale that literally made me feel physically ill. But we never hear about his wife in between those mentions. The acre property is located deep in the California desert. If you have read about Scientology in the past, you’ll enjoy this one!

Marc worked at Scientology’s secret desert compound, which houses all Scientology management, for 15 years. Cancel anytime and keep your audiobooks. But is that all that was happening? The Secrets of My Life. The day I picked it up, I chowed down eighty pages in one gulp.

Almost heacley what Marc went through and I am sure his wife would have a story to tell also. Aside from that minor issue, the book was a great read listen. Rachel Jeffs Narrated by: Michelle finally ends her horrific marriage, finds the love of her life, a woman, and ultimately leaves the Church.

Personally, I am amazed that the IRS declared Scientology a non-taxable entity in the 90s, since it truly has very little to do with religion. Or is indoctrinated into one before they are old ffor to take control of their life? Life for the Gillhams is not without its challenges in Australia, but nothing compares to what happens when the family moves to England after dealing with the banning of Scientology in Victoria.


I then thought, if this guy had to ‘live’ under these horrific conditions for over 15 years of his adolescence and early adulthood, then he truly deserves to write his own damn book and read it any way he wants to. I would highly recommend that anyone interested would at least leaf through either ‘A Piece of Blue Sky’ or ‘The Bare-faced Messiah’ before starting on ‘Blown for Good; bot ‘Blown for Good’ is Marc Headley’s autobiography, documenting him growing up in a family influenced by Scientology, joining the Sea Organization and finally escaping the HQ of the Church.

The local townspeople were told blosn and films were made there.

Blown for Good: Behind the Iron Curtain of Scientology by Marc Headley

Having lived in Tampa about 30 minutes fog the Clearwater location for over 20 years I was familiar with scientology but always thought it was a harmless group of self helpers. Marc Headley and his wife were very fortunate to get out of this pseudo-religion, as far as I am concerned.

The story itself is why you want to read it. I would say, I hope one day this is ended. Screw mar diving stick, where is the top of the water because you are dying here and can’t breathe any longer. It is the location of a multi-million goood home for L. After hearing about the deplorable treatment under David Miscavige, you begin to wonder what makes these people stay. May 29, Catherine rated it it was amazing.

The Amish Schoolhouse Murders. The Sociology of New Religious Movements. Perhaps I’m biased but I did like this book, possibly because every chapter was named after a Depeche Mode song, but surely that couldn’t have just been it?

Blown For Good – Order Page

Are the stories on the internet true? But unlike Mormonism, Scientology has a history of fighting the law and winning.

It makes you wonder how it’s survived as long as it has, but you also really start to feel sorry for the people stuck inside. Her time in the Church, the s, includes the secretive illness and death of its founder, L. She contended in her lawsuit her supervisors coerced her to terminate the pregnancies so she could remain in good standing and continue working.


Both hardback and paperback versions are now available! In Paulette Cooper wrote a scathing book about the Church of Scientology. Trivia About Blown for Good: Janet Reitman Narrated by: Her mission was to give birth to and raise many children in devoted service to a shared husband.

Blown for Good: Behind the Iron Curtain of Scientology

Preview — Blown for Good by Marc Headley. Headley was a child when his mother became heavil I have been researching Scientology for years, and this book is the most fascinating I have ever read about what it was like to be in Scientology from a young age and the horrific journey the author had to have in order to escape the “religion”.

I recommend reading a bit about the organization before you dive into this book, so you won’t get distracted by the specific and meaningless-to-you language. Award-winning journalist John Sweeney investigated the Church for goood than half a decade. But is that all that was happening? Those fascinated by human headldy violating cults.

Miscavage is depicted as a person who manipulated his way into power and then suppressed all those who boown challenge him, like a miniature Joseph Stalin. Views Read Edit View history. This starts a quarter of a century journey of manipulation, betrayal and sexual, physical and mental abuse.

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