Bog Govori Meher Baba. Report. Post on Oct 7 Views. Category: Documents. 7 Downloads. prev. next. out of AddThis Sharing Buttons. Share to. BOG GOVORI Tema kreacije i njena svrha by MEHER BABA at – ISBN – ISBN – AVATAR – februarja leta je Meher Baba razglasil, da je Avatar (inkarnacija Boga). .. Vir: Baba, Meher, Dodd Mead, Bog Govori, The Theme of Creation and Its.

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Then what looks like an impossibility now will become a natural thing.

Sai Baba Govori o Psihoterapiji

Berhetiyye Serhi Hikmet Baba. Your consent to our cookies if you continue to use this website. Gochara Predictions Meherr Predictions. Baba said, “No, it will all happen after I am gone.

Veejay Goel Predictions Prediction. I a m seeing all these passing before my eyes now. While all these thoughts were going on in mind, Baba was looking to His right and left and suddenly turned to His right and told GS, Dada Sarvatmanandaji, in Bangla, “tiik bolece” he has given the correct reply.

That meherr Baba came ca me for reporting at the usual time in the a fternoon. This new situation may also lead to a price war and a baa reduction in oil prices. It was the end of August and Baba had returned from the second admission in Woodlands nursing home.


Meher Baba – Bog Govori Full description. Julija je odpotoval v Washington, D. Na hole bacbe na”. He entered the hall asking a question, quest ion, “What is the govorii of the premature p remature death of Communism?

Communism was the first to go because it is matter-centred and is farthest from God.

The phase vaba the wider conflict involving Islam that He had forecast will come when the capitalist countries have become weaker after the depression.

Baba also spoke about “revolutionary psychic changes” which will take place at that time. Baba’s height was 5 feet 3 inches.

Sai Baba Govori o Psihoterapiji

Potem, ko je l. We will surely see the same phenomena working at different stages until the establishment of Godcentred philosophy. So in order to uproot that there will be terrible bloodshed. What should the Margiis do in this situation? Hold on to Dharma. After we got up GS Dada repeated the question and purposefully asked a comparatively junior worker to come forward and answer it. We all know that the Lord always gave some hints only and never the details det ails.

This is what He told to the jail doctor Dr. Do you know what will happen after all the destruction is over?

There are many more predictions that He has given on the future events, which I hope to share with you all later. Baba, You are also agreeing with this reply. Za podrobnosti glej Pogoje uporabe.


Dharmadas Kalwar in He replied, “Massive destruction will be there. Similarly, after the collapse of capitalism there are chances that many will take shelter under religious dogmas; such can even get strengthened for a while. Meher Babini pogledi na metafiziko so najpomembneje opisani v Bog govori. We share information about your activities on the site with our partners and Google partners: I will save them”, He to ld to Braj Bihariji in Patna Medical College Hospital in Augustwhile discussing about the destruction that was going to come in the future.

These will all collapse towards t he end. This will bring about the end of Islam”.

Meher Baba – Bog Govori

Imenski prostori Stran Pogovor. But the dogma-centred philosophy will come to a very bloody end. SITE Vovori ensure the functioning of the site, we use cookies.

Baba Yetu Full description. Baba Predictions Home Baba Predictions. But ultimately they will create bloodshed. The reason is, while Communism was not accepted by the people and was thrust on them by the party boh the Government, dogmas have been accepted by the people in their hearts.