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Lee and United States Dept. Some documents in English with Spanish translation. It is hoped that the new census will be fielded soon as understanding and addressing the factors affecting these negative changes in enrollments is critical if recent gains diictamen schooling are not to be lost.

Title on added t. Juan de Onate and the Conquest of New Mexico.

The burden of ill-health in the country is also uneven. Instituto Internacional de Historia Militar. In Guatemala, however, the fiscal system fails to do this.

World Bankp. Mecanoscrito original, con correcciones del Sr. We use this official measure of welfare throughout the report. Improving targeting and making more efficient use of existing resources can mitigate, in comparaivos small way, the revenue shortfalls, but the absence of a broader tax base and dictamej with existing tax laws will continue to prevent Guatemala from increasing sustainable and inclusive economic growth.


Diplomatic correspondence of the republic of Texas. The levels of remittances remain high figure 2. The combination of low funding and low constraints on executive functions further undermined the establishment of strong and effective public institutions that could bridge the gap between the two Guatemalas.

Guatemala – Open Knowledge Repository – World Bank Group

Prenatal care consists of four prenatal care visits. Disease, depopulation, and culture change in northwestern New Spain, Easterly, William and Levine, Ross. Archivo historico diplomatico mexicano, num. Lancaster Press, Inc, Structure of the Report.


The poor tend to lack human capital as a result of their limited access to basic services such as education and health, and this negatively affects their ability to find the types of productive employment that would help them to rise out of poverty. Of all people living in poverty in the country, 52 percent are indigenous, in that they belong to three main indigenous communities, the Mayan, the Xinca, and the Garifuna. The non-indigenous population had both the lowest levels of chronic poverty and the highest share of households who were not poor in both periods.

Change has been slow at best: State Department central files Mexico, Pueblo Tradition Goes Underground. The within-area increase in poverty was 8 percentage points, but the across-area movements mitigated this effect, resulting in a 7.

InAlta Verapaz was the poorest department, with an overall poverty rate of 83 percent and an extreme poverty rate of 54 percent. Full vaccination is defined as a child having received prior to his or her second birthday the measles vaccine, three doses each of DPT and polio excluding the polio vaccine given at birthand one dose of BCG.


Adding to these constraints, the government has little discretionary income to spend as about 88 percent of its fiscal revenues are pre-committed.

Argentina: Buenos Aires

California in described in letters from Thomas O. Name of editor, Charles E. There is a need for panel data to be collected in Guatemala to allow for a more in-depth analysis of intra-generational mobility. Victory in the Mogollons, — Hacienda de San Juan de los Cedros account records.

Connelley, — Appendix: A Navy surgeon in California, ; the journal of Marius Duvall. The depth and severity of poverty levels are also worse in rural areas, although there has been some convergence in the second half of compwrativos decade as these indicators declined in rural areas while remaining unchanged in urban areas.

Escalante’s Massive Offensive Begins, — Mercurino Arborio di Gattinara e l’America: New Mexico Otherwise, the voiage of Anthony of Espejo, who in the yeare Military Intelligence Division Files: Mexico City Mexico –History–Sources. Investment levels are low in both the public and private sectors. Households in extreme poverty have 6. The Columbus landfall in America and the hidden clues in his journal. Companion volume to the facsimile edition of the ms. Why is Poverty So High and Persistent?

Translation of a portion of the ms.