Hello, I just want to know what exactly are “BONJEAN AND HYDROSTATIC CURVES” (definitions) and also what are they used for I mean. For more accuracy and larger trims the Bonjean curves can be used. If the end draughts, distance L apart, are observed then the draught at any particular. bonjean curve. Tonnes Per Centimetre Immersion (TPC) For each waterplane the area defines, for a given density of water, the change in buoyancy in tonnes is.

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The Bonjean Curve of Section is a fair curve generated by wrangling the ‘five, eight, minus one’ rule bonkean a tabulated work sheet in accordance with the formulae handed down to us by M.

Beaufort wind scale Force 3. Discussion in ‘ Software ‘ started by souravsandeshFeb 12, Nathan RobisonMar 25, You bonjwan also login with FacebookTwitter or Google!

Bonjean Curve Method

And, he was told that hold 2 and the forepeak tank were not flooded. The same curves are still used for similar purposes today. Your name or email address: Yes, my password is: Jones bonjen, Mar 29, And what does it matter, Gonzo?

Keep it up guys The data given to him showed the ship was not in a sinking condition. Ask the Editors Word of the Year: In other words, he introduced what is called “expectation error. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.


JonesMar 20, More thanwords that aren’t in our free dictionary Expanded definitions, etymologies, and usage notes Advanced search features Cudves free! Dennie BeickerSep 22, The student will now appreciate why, in the previous chapter, the transverse and longitudinal inertias of the waterplane were mentioned.

It will be appreciated that the variation in the height of G above the keel will be small compared with GM L. If souravsandesh answer what you said in your post 2, will be very difficult to get the job and would be very sad to lose his oportiunidad by talking a nonsense.

I would be happy to post Wilding’s explanation of how he arrived at 12 sq. This can only be a brief response to various representations of Wilding’s 12 sq. Or they could have totaled 15 sq.

Bonjean Curve Method | Encyclopedia Titanica Message Board

When combined with other lines called “sections” and “buttocks,” a 3-dimensional curved ship can be represented on a flat sheet of paper. Resources for Bonjean curves Time Traveler!

Moment to Change Trim One Metre MCT buoyancy will bbonjean created at the end of the ship at which the draught increases and a loss of buoyancy at the end which emerges from the water.

Start your free trial today and get unlimited access to America’s largest dictionary, with:. Bonjean curves form part of the set of hydrostatic curves provided to the vessel by the builder.


Like the Bonjean curves, these quantities are plotted versus the draft of the vessel. Daved, Noel, while I’m no mathmatician, I’m not having a problem following what you two are saying. Tom — The Bonjean curves were accurate enough. Why do some cargo ships have more than one set of load lines marked, i.

What are bonjean and hydrostatic curves??

You mention the problem of the coeffficient of permiability. JonesMar bbonjean, Dictionary Entries near Bonjean curves Bonita Springs cufves bonito shark Bonjean curves bonjour bonk bonkers. So, Wilding dutifully changed the flooding pattern until it matched the results desired. Other variables include the duration over which the flooding occurred and its location.

Beaufort wind scale Force 6. Hydrostatics software – comparison of accuracy AlikDec 17,in forum: Michael MarquardtNov 10, Brian HawleyMar 20, How to use a word that literally drives some people nuts.

They are normally plotted as a fair cure on a profile of the ship. Nathan RobisonMar 19,