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At 40 centimeters across, the combi boilers were only as wide as two sheets of A4 paper.

Visionary and innovative, Grohe products are designed to last a life time. But Junkers did not yet offer any combined devices, even though its engineering departments were already working on them.

This invention provided the necessary basis for constructing boshc new kind of gas-fired bath stove, which Junkers sought to patent in It comprised a small central heating system for single-family homes, equipped with a powerful boiler for heating water, a circulating pump, and a eutosmart. Nonetheless, it would be decades before they became commonplace. During the second half of the s, swathes of apartments were being renovated in many central Eurlsmart countries.

And it took time for them to find popular acceptance. The heating in the radiators suddenly stopped working but the water is heating.

This technology offered two advantages in one. Second, users saved money and had more space for other devices.


Warming up water and rooms: The Junkers combi boiler – Bosch History Blog

Central boilers were to change all this. Plastic Push Fit Pipe. It is freezing inside my apartment without heating. Our range of sanitary systems allows you to create the bathroom of your dreams, by offering bosfh choice of quick and secure ways to fix wall- mounted sanitary ware and a number of advanced flushing solutions. They could be only used for heating water in bathrooms.

Create a streamlined contemporary bathroom with our range of concealed installation and flushing systems. Technical Specifications Manufacturer Part Number The boiler had two interlinked circulatory systems — one for the through-flow of fresh water, which was heated in a heat exchanger and could then be drawn using a faucet. Aroundtherefore, two standards were created for heating rooms and domestic water. After cooling, it returned to the burner for re-heating.

Water also circulated in the other, closed system, where it was heated by the burner and then flowed through pipes to the radiators. First, there eueosmart no perceptible drop in temperature when hot water was used simultaneously for heating rooms and supplying hot water.

Warming up water and rooms: The Junkers combi boiler

And combi boilers were just as suitable for installing in these apartments as in new buildings. We will send your question to the department in charge at Bosch.

This meant it could switch between feeding hot water into the radiators and heating water for household use.

Natural Gas Boiler Packs. Advertisement for water heater, The stove was used to heat running water continuously and precisely to the required temperature for a hot bath, for example, or for washing hair under the shower at a constant temperature. Eurowmart Push Fit Fittings.


Dear reader, for technical questions, please your regional Junkers partner.

The boilers also each needed firing up individually. The road to this Junkers innovation began in the 19th century — eurosmaet a new kind of boiler for bathrooms and kitchens, and with the first forms of central heating.

The combi boiler also appeared at just the right time. We use cookies to help give you the best experience on our website.

Grohe Eurosmart Cosmo Bath Filler Chrome

Before the combi boiler was launched, these heaters were standard in European houses. They heated the water, which then flowed into various radiators that were spread throughout the building and linked together by pipes — the prototype for contemporary central heating.

High quality materials and the latest manufacturing processes are combined with industry leading technologies to ensure years of reliable performance. For more information on the delivery options for your postcode area and our returns policy please visit:.

Some did not even have any means of heating water apart from boiling a kettle. Investment pieces, conceived to deliver the perfect balance of quality, technology and design.