BRAHMAVAIVARTA PURANA (Brahma-Prakrti and Ganapati Khanka) TEXT WITH ENGLISH TRANSLATION. VOL. I. Translated into English by. Shanti Lai. Is the complete English translation of the Brahma-vaivarta Purana available for download? The complete English translation is available at the. Sri Brahma-vaivarta Purana Table of Contents Chapter One Sri Krsna-pada- padma-prapti-sopanam. The Stairway to Sri Krsna’s Lotus Feet.

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Now I will tell you all of this. Your mercy is the same for all.

Where do you live? Now please hear why I have come here at caivarta time. Who can describe all the ways She serves you? May the Lord of Radha protect your nose. Your actions are not material.

I am always eager to ask about the welfare of they who take shelter of Me. They pressed her to their heart and accepted her as their own daughter. Vaivadta do not understand Him, the Lord who is beyond the modes of material nature. Then he placed himself as their servant, ready for their command. Plunged in an ocean of tears of joy, she wept again and again.


English translation of the Brahmavaivarta Purana – Hinduism Stack Exchange

Because the Vedas say He has no an end antaHe is called Ananta. If he kills a pious sudra, engglish sin is a hundred times greater than killing a mleccha. Never again will you rule your kingdom.

Then he had Radha recite the mantras. O breaker of fears please tell me.

Brahmavaivarta Purana With English Translation Volume 2

For everyone, and also for Me, You are all power. His face an autumn moon, His eyes dark lotus flowers, crying and laughing, His transcendental form resting in the dust, Product details Hardcover Language: The mythology and stories of Brahmavaivarta Puranaalong with Bhagavata Vaivartshave been influential to the Krishna-related Hindu traditions, as well as to dance and performance arts such as the Rasa Lila. Please give me shelter. Seven times She bowed down and respectfully stood before Him.

Why did He leave them and go to Mathura? She is His wife.

Brahmavaivarta-Purana (Sanskrit Text with English Translation)

Their liquid will be used to cultivate grains on the earth. Vasudeva sent me here to do something no one enhlish can do. His sins are destroyed by a breeze that has touched a devotee. You do not understand Him, the great Supreme Personality of Godhead.


Brahma-vaivarta puranam. Translated into English by Rajendra Nath Sen

In this birth you are your father, Brahma. In some seasons the fruits are ripe. By speaking the letter s, he attains unwavering devotion to the Lord. That is why, when it hears that We may be separated, My life-force burns in an gaivarta fire. Nanda and his wife gazed at Krsna, and Krsna gazed at them.

You are all powerful.

I think of them day and night. He is beyond the reach of the Vedas. We incarnations of Krsna cannot understand Him. O Lord, please solve my problem. O purifier of the people, you wander here and there to purify the worlds.

At the moment of his birth jubilant demigods sounded anaka and dundubhi drums. Saying this, Lord Hari, the master of the universes, became silent. O goddess, I will go to Vraja and enjoy pastimes with You in the forest. Ayurveda Dhanurveda Natya Shastra Sthapatyaveda.