Infinity Blade: Awakening – Kindle edition by Brandon Sanderson, Peter Ahlstrom, Simon Hurley, Geremy Mustard, Donald Mustard. Download it once and read it. Infinity Blade: Awakening is a novella by Brandon Sanderson that is a tie-in to an iOS game, Infinity Blade (made by Epic Games). Awakening is. Infinity Blade: Awakening by Brandon Sanderson. Infinity Blade: Awakening book cover. logo logo. Rating / Infinity Blade.

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Infinity Blade: Awakening by Brandon Sanderson

It’s different to be sure, but expect some giggles and smiles along the way. Sencillamente, “La Espada Infinita. Oct 28, Hollie rated it it was amazing.

What’s the point of this novella? He proceeds to monitor Siris’s progress through his surveillance network. The dialogue between Siris and Isa is just the best. Awakening is a simple story that builds a world and a framework for game that previously had neither.

Trained from birth in swordplay and combat, a young knight named Siris has journeyed to the Dark Citadel with a single purpose: If the Prophecy of the End Days holds true, mankind will soon find it The Masters of Spinjitzu are stuck on a comet, having traveled through space to save the World of Ninjago from the Nindroids. This has the potential to be another epic, although Sanderson suggests it’s not going to be his defining series – he’s just having some fun with it, and taking us along for the ride while he does it.


Infinity Blade: Awakening

Siris killed the God King. Good for fans, but too short for full price. I’d like to read these books, but I’m worried that you’ll need to play the video game first, before fully understanding the world and the characters.

I wanted to like it – no, I wanted to love it. In the end, Siris decides to finish what he had began, keep his memories and free the Worker of Secrets. As he kills the troll in self-defence, the trolls says that they continue to serve their master, the God-King.

He also managed to flesh out the character of Siris, the main protagonist, and make him relatable.

Infinity Blade: Awakening by Brandon Sanderson book review

Which in a way makes sense, this book was a gap between this first game and the second, so I’m sure that the second iteration of the game picks up right where this dropped you. Well, I guess I do know: Raidriar prepared to kill Siris with Infinity Blade, but Isa managed to shoot him in the head first, killing him.

Siris approaches the God-kings castle, where he is greeted by surviving Daeril as their lord and master. And yet Sanderson manages to flesh out a 40, word novella from this premise that is quite compelling from start to finish.

Much like The Alloy of Lawit is not intended to be the end-all of my career, but rather is me exploring new types of writing and trying to have fun along the way. Retrieved from ” https: He’s quickly becoming one of my all time favorites as I work my way slowly through brrandon current body of work.


View all 7 comments. He orders Isa to leave, but she asks to stay with him, offering to lead him to one of the Deathless who may know the location of the Keeper awaoening Secrets.

Infinity Blade: Awakening (Audiobook) by Brandon Sanderson |

Most Helpful Most Recent. Mar 31, Stefano G. Not a full length novel. He expresses desire to just live for himself, rather than live hunting down Deathless and the God-king.

Therefore I give this five stars not because it was the most outstanding story I’ve ever read, but because it is an outstanding short stand alone fantasy story. Based on the bestselling video game from ChAIR Entertainment and Epic Games, this infijity adventure from acclaimed fantasy author Brandon Sanderson digs deeper into the fantastical infiniity of Infinity Blade, a world of mystery and intrigue where magic and technology are indistinguishable, and even life and death are not what they seem.

Siris is the Sacrifice, the son of the previous Sacrifice and tasked with fighting the God King. It’s going to be another good series Isa knows how to guide anyon Review forthcoming on http: