GEOGRAPHY CLUB by Brent Hartinger (HarperCollins, ). Russel Middlebrook has a secret from even his best friends at high school, that he’s gay. But an. A closeted gay high school sophomore narrates Hartinger’s uneven yet realistic first novel. The story starts out strong, when Russel meets a jock from his school, . A modern classic about a group of teens discovering sexuality and identity, perfect for fans of Becky Albertalli, Adam Silvera, and David Hart.

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It was such a wonderful book! Apr 02, Kai rated it it was ok Shelves: I thoroughly enjoyed the conversational rhetoric that could only be accurately replicated by someone brebt lived during the beginnings of the new millennium. His strict immigrant Greek mother refuses to see him as anything but a disappointment. A bit on the plain-side.

geographg In — Club, a handful of brave, passionate students stumble upon a connection in which they each can be completely honest with each other, as well as with themselves, for the first time in their young lives. So is Brian, who gets bullied by nearly everyone in school, but he still has a great and caring perspective.

So, if this happens to be the source that the film geohraphy based on, I really do want to check it out. Average in one way—he’s the only gay kid in school. Sep 12, Victoriano rated it really liked it Shelves: He is gay, and has really locked himself in the closet. There’s some romance, even some sexual content — the gay kid thinks about other boys’ bodies!

Right-why this book is so rage-inducing. Editorial Reviews Narrator Josh Hurley’s performance has geovraphy fervent honesty of a confession, and his narration will resonate with listeners who know what it feels to be different and isolated. But when Arthur and Ben meet-cute at the post office, what exactly does the universe have in store for them? Except for Ike and Belinda.

Another gay boy, in his very own school? Ally culture can be so corrupt and this book is not helping.

Geography Club

geograpjy If winning Tim’s heart was an impossible cluub, keeping it would prove even harder as family, society, and emotion threaten to tear them apart. He is so deep in he’s probably talking to mr. Either that, or this book was written by a cis gay man which means it was written by someone who thinks that as long as you’re not attracted to women it’s okay to paint them as filthy and worthless. It is formulaically exactly what Hollywood needs for a summer blockbuster well, maybe not a blockbuster but a decently good hit.


People who bought geoography also bought Even though Geography Club was written over ten years ago, the relationships Hartinger portrays stand the test of time in a poignant, universal story that readers of any age and any sexual orientation will love.

Geography Club (Russel Middlebrook, #1) by Brent Hartinger

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Articles needing additional references from August All articles needing additional references Pages to import images to Wikidata. When he’s outed against his will by a student reporter, Bobby must find a way to earn back his teammates’ trust and accept that his path to success might be more public, and more difficult, than he’d hoped.

The parts with Russel and his love interest occur way later in the novel vs the film had it in the beginning and had more emotionally intimate scenes and leave you hanging for more detail. View all 3 comments. Gunnar wants a girlfriend and sex and the only way he can achieve his aim with sex-bomb Kimberley is if Russel will double with Kimberley’s friend Trish.

I hate how he changed and almost became one of the ones he formally despised. It’s filled with two-dimensional characters and very special lessons. Geography Club is a young adult novel [1] by American author Brent Hartinger.

The team is high profile, and he doesn’t need sports crews broadcasting pictures of his face around the nation. Geography Club follows the lives of several, gay, closeted teens and their constant struggle to fit in and stand out along side their peers. And my work load from the beginning of the year is unimaginable, so it was geogrraphy feat.


Dec 22, Wency rated it it was amazing. I was drawn to the book after seeing the small independent film version, which I discovered before hearing of the series.


Russel’s date tries to have sex with him and he puts her off by saying he’s a virgin and he wants his first time to be special. GC is incredibly quick to read and fast paced so the story whips along and ends almost before you know it. Feb 17, Michael Price rated it it was amazing. It got so that I was expecting a quiz at the end of each chapter: So the characters are, for the most part, believable, but the high school itself felt completely false, as cliche as “the jocks” or “the nerds” were.

I’ve been waiting to read this for a while, mostly so I can watch the movie on Netflix, and I’m glad to say, this book exceeded my expectations. I saw the film adaptation of this a few years back and thought it was wonderful. I really enjoyed reading it.

Although conveying a message to readers, none of the writing is preachy or lecturing but does have a thread of hope and honesty that will appeal to readers. By lunchtime, Russell has nowhere to sit in the cafeteria except by Brian, as they bbrent now both outcasts. When geograpny discovers to his astonishment that he is not alone, the problem his new friends face is how can they meet to talk without arousing suspicion among their fellow pupils?

Geography Club (Audiobook) by Brent Hartinger |

Retrieved from ” https: I think Russel, being the one telling the story has a way of getting sympathy. But the MC isn’t an asshole and it has a decent ending.

We get no character descriptions, the only think we know about Russell is what we get from his boyfriend around page or so. It is formulaically exactly what Hollywood needs for a summer blockbuster well, maybe not a blockb This haartinger a cute little book – and I don’t mean that with condescension.