Find great deals for Warhammer Quest – Bretonnian Knight Games Workshop. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Bretonnian Knight, created for Warhammer Quest 2: The End Times. One of the latest pair of playable warriors to the game, out now for iOS and Android devices. The first is a “rule” that says what weapons the Bretonnian Knight can use (hand- to-hand weapons). Then it goes on to mention one deviation.

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Warhammer Quest is the original game in the Warhammer Quest series.

Warhammer Quest – Bretonnian Knight Games Workshop

Did I miss the rules for a negative reknown value? The Bretonnian Knight may use this item as normal with no loss to honour even in the eyes of other knights. We play that it falls under the same category with the same penalties as listed in the Using a Missile Weapon section, since that section mentions “such as”.

So the argument now becomes, “What if the Bretonnian Knight uses dishonourable magic?

However Bretonnian Knights quets always take anything that has been given to them by the Lady. Register for a free global account learn about it Log in: Without a GM, the players basically have to police breotnnian. Then it goes on to mention one deviation from that rule missile weaponsas well as detailing the deviation magic. Is not the Knight limited to no quote: Heck they’d wear a dozen magical rings and go into battle with a repeater crossbow if it washed up on the shores of the magical lake though they could also see it as a test of character and forgo it.

What seems like an entire paragraph of steadfast rules, becomes the contrary, because there is the “Using a Missile Bretonnjan section below that, detailing: So the rules don’t strictly forbid their use, but they are dishonourable items and will cause him to lose honour. And if the Bretonnian Knight uses something like the Lightning Fire Ring, then he should be penalised twice once using a missile weapon and once for waghammer a magic item!


Your renown can never go below 0, you are always a knight as proven by the fluff in Mousillon corrupt barons who will use anything and everything [including poison and allying with the Vampire Counts] to get the job done. Using a Missile Weapon If the Knight breaks the rule of using dishonourable weaponry, such as a missile weapon of any type, his Honour Points are immediately reduced by the gold value of the weapon!

This still leaves the dishonourable act of using magic which needs to be addressed It is dishonourable for a Knight to use missile weapons or magic other uqest magical hand-to-hand weapons, magic armour or a healing potion. Bretonnian Knight In my opinion, they’re playing the BK outside the rules. However an brretonnian set of rules I’ve been thinking on go along the lines of straight up forbidding the use of dishonourable items apart from missile weapons in which there are specific rules regarding the penalties for their use: Bretonnian Knight Given all the Bretonnian lore I’ve read and love, a lot of the characters aren’t really that concerned with using magical items of any kind apart from missile weapons so long as it is considered ‘manly’.

He may never sell, trade or swap this item ever, convinced that it is a sign of divine providence and a tool vital to his search for the grail! Gaming Tools Custom Cards: It is dishonourable for a Knight to use missile weapons, magic other than magical hand-to-hand weapons, magic armour or a healing potion.


Bretonnian Knight Therefore, a Knight can choose to be a real tosser and become the proverbial “Black Knight” by using a Time Freeze Ring among other dishonorable magic items and missile weapons. Did I read the character book wrong folks? Do the WHQ rules even allow for a Knight to turn their coat? This penalty is applied every time he uses the weapon.

BRETONNIAN KNIGHT – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly | Warhammer Quest | BoardGameGeek

They can’t expect everyone to like them for it though, which is represented by the difficulty in gaining entrance to the castle. I can understand spells and such being frowned upon if you’re an honourable fighter and good enough with a sword you’ll never need any help is quesy basic mindset of a Bretonnian Knight.

We think the sentences should have been separated into two paragraphs and the hand-to-hand clarified, just as it was in the Basic Game. Important Stuff Please read the rules topic below before posting for the first time. Sign up Lost password? But can you really within the confines of WHQ as it was currently written? Powered by AkBBS 0.

Warhammer Quest – Bretonnian Knight Games Workshop | eBay

The first is a “rule” that says what weapons the Bretonnian Knight can use hand-to-hand weapons. Infamy could be a good idea in place of honour though we’d be getting into Blood Points territory for complexity. Welcome to the Warhammer Quest message board!