Find official Brother FAXE FAQs, videos, manuals, drivers and IntelliFax- e The built-in drivers support basic functions of your Brother machine. Owner’s manu al • Read online or download PDF • Brother IntelliFAX e User Manual. Quick setup guide, Install the drum unit, Install phone line, handset, and power cord • Read online or download PDF • Brother IntelliFAX e User Manual.

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Do not defeat the purpose of thegrounding-type plug by using an adapter. Page 97 Copy ContrastYou can adjust copy contrast to make copies darker or lighter.

What’s missing? Tell us about it.

It has been factory set to the middle position. Make sure the machine is on plugged into theAC outlet and that it is connected directly to thecomputer using an IEEE bi-directionalparallel cable. Select a Receive Mode. Brothsr you have Voice Mail on the phone line you on which will install your newmachine on, there is a strong possibility that Voice Intelliifax and the fax machinewill conflict with each other while receiving incoming calls.

Selecting ON allows the machine toreceive fax calls automatically, even if you lift the handset of an extension orexternal phone.

Tell us what’s missing. Page 8 This product is equipped with a 3-wire grounding type plug, a plug having athird grounding pin. LANYou can scroll more quickly by pressingsee all options, in the opposite order.

WARNINGDo not use force to pull the jammed paper from the paper tray because you maydamage the machine and cause toner to scatter on the next printed pages.


Make sure the machine is placed on a flat,horizontal surface. IndexAaccess codes for dialing, storing accessories and supplies iiADF automatic document feeder assembly document tray document wire drum unit grounded three-prong plug handset loading paper power cord telephone line code Toner Cartridge automaticdialing fax receive fax redial transmission automatic fax receive BBackup Print Broadcasting setting up Groups for Brotheraccessories and supplies iiBrother numbers iBrother.

See the following three types of paper jams.

TAD For use with an answering device. The cannot be changed. Useto back up and then type over the incorrectcharacters.

Place the drum unit on a drop cloth ordisposable paper to avoid scatteringtoner. Copy ContrastYou can adjust copy contrast to make copies darker or lighter. Page 34 ConnectionsConnecting the MachineConnect the handset, power cord, and telephone line. Complain wrong Brand wrong Model non 4100r. If there is paper in thepaper cassette, make sure it is straight.

User-friendly programming helps you take full advantage of all the menuselections your machine has to offer. If you are unable to insert the plug into the outlet, contactyour electrician to replace your obsolete outlet.


I Fan the pages beforeplacing them in the ADF. Most keys on the dial pad have three or four lettersprinted above them. Page 30 2 Plug the modular cable fromCassette 2 into 4100r modularjack on the Brother machine. Page 5 To install the memory board onto the main controller board, plug the attachedspacer into the connectors of the main controller board. When you open the front cover of the machine, never touchthe shaded parts as shown in the diagram below. Keep the packing materials for possible future transport.


See the explanationsbelow the table. I Perform these activities in the off-peak hours, such as early morning or late evening.

Brother FAXE Support

Additionally, your machine has a Reports Key. Then, you cancombine them into a Group. Page 15 56Setup Receive If so, the multipurpose sheet feeder may be out of paper or notproperly installed. The new setting will remainuntil you change it again.

Dual AccessYou can scan up to 50 documents into the fax memory, even while the machineis receiving or sending another fax from memory.

Afterward, a Sequential Polling Report will be printed. Register your productBy registering your product with Brother International Corporation, you will berecorded as the original owner of the product.

Page 28 AssemblyInstalling the Drum Unit Assembly with Toner Cartridge 1 Unpack the drum intelliafx assembly,including the toner cartridge, andgently rock it from side to side five orsix times to distribute the toner evenlyinside the cartridge.

Paper JamBefore you can clear a paper jam error, you must find out where the paper isstuck. PollingPolling is the process of retrieving faxes from another fax machine.