The Street of Crocodiles (Classic, 20th-Century, Penguin) [Bruno Schulz, Celina Wieniewska, Jerzy Ficowski] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying. The Street of Crocodiles and Other Stories (Penguin Classics) [Bruno Schulz, Celina Wieniewska, David Goldfarb, Jonathan Safran Foer] on Schulz, Bruno: The Street of Crocodiles revd by Cynthia Ozick; illus.

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Extra rooms emerge in houses, extra streets appear in the night. Please try again later. They continued on their schhlz, now featureless, without eyes, shedding as they walked one mask after another, so that the dusk became filled with the discarded larvae dropped in their flight. Spirit and matter transform mutually into each other; they are alternative forms of that which is.

At the time of the shortest, sleepy winter days, edged on both sides with the furry dusk of mornings and evenings, when the city reached out deeper and deeper into the labyrinth of winter nights, and was shaken reluctantly into consciousness by the short dawn, my father was already lost, sold and surrendered to the other sphere. While he sat there in the light of the lamp among the pillows of the large bed, and the room grew enormous as the shadows above the lampshade merged with the deep city night beyond the windows, he felt, without looking, how the pullulating jungle of wallpaper, filled with whispers, lisping and hissing, closed in around him.


The Street of Crocodiles and Other Stories Reader’s Guide

But real late at night, when I’m past the point of tired and back to wide awake, only punch-drunk, then I can become fully enveloped in this world. I have to say that before I read this post, I was not familiar with Bruno Schulz, but I am definitely going to have to check out this book.

When I came down from strert room, he stgeet already in the study, reading the arts pages of the weekend newspaper. However, there were some negative and reproachful reviews as well, produced mainly by the rightist and leftist press, which disapproved of the avant-garde nature of the work. Preface This volume contains two collections of short stories and three additional stories that were originally published with Schulz’s letters, drawings and miscellaneous prose.


I moved back into my room. This collection is just a glimpse of the body of work that we would have enjoyed from this talented writer if his life had not been tragically cut short. Then again came days of quiet, concentrated work, interrupted by lonely monologues. Jan 25, Maya rated it liked it Shelves: I’ll review each of the collections separately under their GR titles.

He was like a magic mill It is thus mythologized reality, processed by the imagination, artistically distorted and enriched by all possible references and strset to other literary works, to great myths, to other, more exotic domains of reality. The role of the demiurge in the forging of reality. The whole of matter pulsates with infinite possibilities Every unique author is unique in his own way… And Bruno Schulz is one of crocodiless inarguable proofs.

This could get tiring at times, because dtreet stories never let me breath and slack, but kept requiring my ever-present attention. In a way, the survival of these stories helps us to deal with the Holocaust.

At some point, the child is even convinced that his father had metamorphosed into a stuffed condor, echoing the absolutely gorgeous recount of the latter’s passion for exotic birds, which were raised in the attic – one of my favorite parts of the book.


The Street of Crocodiles

By the third day, it seemed to be complete, so for the first time, I entered our home, and discovered that it was exactly as I had left it. Would have loved to see that theatre piece too.

The narrator seems to treat the substance of his memories as his father here describes matter. Granted, many if not most classic novels from the s and 30s contain the occasional nod to the forms of racism and eugenicism which were pervasive and prevalent at the time, and brkno I found some of it more poignant and sad than elsewhere because of Schulz’s own fate.


In the postwar period, Schulz came to teach drawing in schluz Polish gymnasium, from to Our favourite reviewers are those who use html to vary our presentation by means of italics, spoilers, links and images. Those who walk with fascination through labyrinths of memory. Then, as I waited, one by one, my whole family descended from above and said hello, as if nothing had happened.


None of the work Schulz is thought to have left with others has ever surfaced. But that is only the first part of my story.

The Street of Crocodiles – Bruno Schulz – Google Books

The story abounds in mythical elements, introduced by means of the visionary and dreamlike literary depiction e. Spotlight on the WordPress. Faced with new circumstances, he would dip into the fount of his memory, the deep-seated memory of the body, would search blindly and feverishly, and often find ready made within himself a suitable reaction: Bruno Schulz is drawing inspiration from his childhood, but his writing leaves the reality at some point and wanders into imagination, blossoming into an explosion of smells and rich imagery.

Whoever still has in him the memory and marrow of childhood should rewrite these books as he experienced them. We had to go near our home to get out of the city. Nov 16, Janet rated it it was amazing Shelves: The Street of Crocodiles”.