| The nation’s largest accounting firms have . TOP ACCOUNTING FIRMS, RANKED BY REVENUE Thread: BRW Top Accounting Firms and , Institute of Chartered Accountants, GradDipCA, TAX, MAA Monday, November 15, ESV Chartered Accountants (New South Wales, Australia) was ranked number 45 in a list of the Top Accounting Firms published by BRW magazine. The firm is climbing the rankings, having ranked number.

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As he had not met the relevant criterion, the AAT said it did not have the power to release him from his tax debts. The PPSR is an online register introduced on 30 January that protects your business when buying, selling or leasing out property including valuable goods, stock, vehicles, machinery, accoounting equipment, crops and livestock – almost anything except real estate.

It also refused the taxpayer’s accoumting for an extension of time to apply to the AAT for review of the Commissioner’s objection decision dated 31 October refusing the GST refund for the June quarter.

The Australian Taxation Office ATO has written the following factsheet to help employers determine the tax impact of their Christmas festivities. The tax implication of providing these benefits to staff may result in these costs being non deductible or subject to Fringe Benefits Tax FBT. It is also a good idea to make an announcement at the beginning of the party accoumting reminding attendees of the company’s expectations. This will stop unwanted people joining in and will help ensure your people don’t wander off!

Harris Black is a key participant in a network of nationally affiliated independent chartered accounting firms called the Brentnalls Group.

TIAG – ESV Chartered Accountants Named Among Top 50 Accounting Firms in Australia

The AAT agreed with the Commissioner. Straight from WorkForce Guardian, the following are some simple hints and tips on how to make sure your Christmas party goes off without a hitch: For more information contact harris black on 07 or email info harrisblack. Testament to this has been our solid base of loyal clients and staffand our recognition by various professional bodies for the following awards:. Make it clear to everyone that, at a certain point, the event is no longer regarded as being run by your company.


The key items for an effective meeting are: Choose Your Venue Carefully Having your Christmas party at a co-worker’s house or a family-friendly restaurant is a much safer option than having it at an adult-themed venue!

By following all of the above hints and tips we believe you can quickly, easily and effectively minimise the risk of your company Christmas party turning 201 a not-so-merry mess.

News – Boyce Chartered Accountants

Boyce Directors assist children with disabilities 28 September Boyce Wagga Director, Linda Mackellar and Lindsay Garnock, Director of Boyce Financial Services, are part of a group of ten business professionals who have banded together to form a networking group with a difference.

With a clear focus on helping you to achieve what is most accuonting to you, our service offering is wide-ranging and more importantly delivered at the highest standard. As a result, the taxpayer’s objection to the GST assessment was allowed.

Lonsdale Financial Group supports a network of more than financial planning bre and financial advisors from across Australia. Investors often seem to have this weird habit of buying shares after a few years of rising prices — when they are expensive. While company share prices are not driven simply by supply, we seem to like them more when they are expensive rather 1000 when they are cheap. Ranked 34 th out of the top firms. It said the man had not been residing in Australia since mid and that he had established a home in Bali from early Nevertheless, it is bgw that the ATO is obliged to act reasonably and responsibly, and should not act arbitrarily or capriciously.


Testament to this has been our solid base of loyal clients and staffand our recognition by various professional bodies for the following awards: The Commissioner acknowledged that the man was owed a refund and had recommended that he approach the Department of Finance and Deregulation to obtain an act of grace payment, but said that because more than four years had elapsed since the time the taxpayer could have claimed the money, there was no discretion that could be exercised in the taxpayer’s favour.

The taxpayer explained that due to his ill health and troubles with his then business, he did not get around to lodging tax returns until If you would like to know more about Workforce Guardian protecting employerstpp contact your harris black team member.

Inhe moved to Bali and obtained the right to live in Indonesia as a retired person. Doing a search to check before you buy is low cost, easy and immediate.

Contact us for a chat today. Accoujting may think this goes without saying, but you’d be surprised just how many employers don’t carefully consider the impact venues will have on setting the tone of their event.

We deliver real value

In a small business this can easily be done informally during a staff meeting, or even on a one-to-one basis with each of your employees. In other words, make the distinction between the end of your company-sanctioned Christmas party and the start of unrelated shenanigans as bwr as possible. Should any changes be made?