The meaning of women’s rights varies with nationality and culture. For Souad, who grew up in the late s in a tiny, remote village in the Palestinian Territory, . Read “Burned Alive A Victim of the Law of Men” by Souad with Rakuten Kobo. A year-old girl Get $5 off your first eBook; Get your first audiobook for free. Burned Alive: a Victim of the Law of Men is a best-selling book, ostensibly a first- person account of an attempted honor killing. The author, Souad, is described as a Palestinian woman now living in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Burned Alive – Wikipedia

May 161: How the human spirit can overcome. Nakitto Ketty how can i down load this book. She was found by a Western humanitarien aid worker and with the help of the aid worker was transported to Europe. Later, I pleaded with my mother, assuring her that I had had my period. Mayada, Daughter of Iraq.

Women have had to fight to get our rights everywhere, it is much slower in isolated places like this. Burned Alive is a eerie book, retelling the events of which no one can free imagine true – but no matter how many times you look away, telling yourself its impossible someone to be treated so harshly, your heart yearns to read on!

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Review: Memoir: Burned Alive by Souad Bantam

When she came to help us pick olives, she worked and moved slowly. They had only washed me because I stank. Continue shopping Burnsd Continue shopping. Horribly burned over seventy percent of her body and still denounced by her family, Souad was able to receive the care she needed only after the intervention of a European aid worker.

First, I’d like to say that I’m from the Middle-East. The book gives you a very good understanding of what it is like living as a female where men rule. In fact, it would have warmed my heart enormously, had this plotline been created aliive by some writer’s overactive imagination. I did not know if the earth was round or flat. One morning while Souad was washing the family’s clothes, he crept up on her, poured petrol over her and set When Souad was seventeen she aluve in love.

At 17 years of age, Souad was already considered old to not be married yet. I applaud her for speaking out about this taboo subject. There are still men here white Christian ones, too alvie truly believe it is their right to beat their wives and there are women that stay with them.

Sex and getting pregnant before marriage is a grave dishonor for some if not all Muslim countries.

Souad is the pen name of a Palestinian woman who is believed to be living in Europe. What is ‘traditional’ about Souad’s village and family moral code?

Furthermore, these very same Saudi women are allowed by their families to drive, if they are outside of the country!

He always wore a suit, and he carried a briefcase and he had a car. The author, Souadis described as a Palestinian woman now living aouad Europe who survived an attempted murder by her brother-in-law, who doused her with gasoline and set her on fire, at the urging of her family.


Memoirs of a Rebellious Princess. One morning while Souad was washing the family’s clothes, he crept up on her, poured petrol over her and set her alight. Under the strict rules of the repressive Islamic society in which she was raised, a single girl caught making so much as eye contact with a man was labelled a charmuta, a whore.

I was very interested in this book, until I read the reviews sohad realized it is fake! He said I should wait – “Until I give you a sign. So far, there is no independent evidence to support the publisher’s claim that the book is based on a true story or even that Souad exists at all.

Kindle Edition Verified Purchase.

Burned Alive

View all 54 comments. Soaud also recalls her sister being choked with a telephone cord at a time when Palestinian villages did not have telephones.

It is very sad to hear these kind of stories. This was a shocking story of the ffee that buned inflict on daughters that dare to disobey them and their traditions. For example, it’s not “majmouma”, it’s “majnouna” meaning insane. I shook my wool rug over the edge of the terrace and he looked up. Honour killing is nothing new though, and there are cases happening in some cultures and belief.

View all 3 comments. What this woman has been through is atrocious, frightful, appalling and extremely sad. The Innocent and the Merciless.