Leading Lyme Physicians in Lyme Disease Conversations – Dr. Daniel Cameron speaking with Dr. Joseph Burrascano. Dr. Burrascano- Treatment Recommendations Dr. Joseph Burrascano, Jr. DIAGNOSTIC HINTS AND TREATMENT GUIDELINES FOR LYME AND OTHER . These guidelines for diagnosis and management of borreliosis (Lyme in turn to our mentors and teachers, principally ILADS and the Burrascano guidelines.

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This group will most likely need parenteral therapy, especially high dose, pulsed therapy, and antibiotic combinations, including metronidazole. The LDA does not make specific recommendations for treatment. Remember, the gyidelines the tick is removed, the less likely an infection will result.

This not only serves to perpetuate the infections, but it is probably responsible for the reactivation of latent infections, such as herpes-type viruses.

Cholestyramine must be taken four times daily, and Welchol is prescribed at three pills twice daily. As they have impressively low MBCs and do concentrate in tissues and penetrate cells, they theoretically should be ideal agents.

The percent fat content of the body as a whole rises, the cholesterol rises, and the balance between HDL and LDL becomes less favorable.

GI intolerance and yeast superinfections are the biggest drawbacks to this type of treatment. Exercise no more often than every other day. This cyst seems to be able to remain dormant, but when placed into an environment more favorable to its growth, the cyst can open, and an intact spirochete emerges. However, initial clinical results were disappointing, especially with oral azithromycin.

Be aware that this brand is strong — start with a low dose, then increase every few days or a pressure-type, vascular headache may result from all the increased circulation.

For example, doxycycline can be very effective but only if adequate blood levels are achieved either by high oral doses to mg daily or by parenteral administration. Since blood levels are extremely variable they should be measured.


The main side effects are bloating and constipation, best handled with increased fluid intake and gentle laxatives. Another alternative is to administer azithromycin parenterally. SPECT scanning of the brain, if done by knowledgeable radiologists using high resolution equipment, will show characteristic abnormalities in Lyme encephalopathy. Because of this, it may be necessary to change antibiotic or even prescribe a combination of agents. For more than 30 years, he has been treating adolescents and adults suffering from Lyme disease.

Lyme Disease Treatment Guidelines

Oral preparations are acceptable for maintenance, but most need additional, parenteral dosing: Only by addressing all these smaller issues and engineering treatments and solutions for all of them will we be able to restore full health to our patients. Suggestions of co-infection include the above symptoms, but the headaches are more severe, and burrqscano is out of proportion to the other Borrelia symptoms.

The physician cannot rely on a laboratory test or clinical finding at the time of the bite to definitely rule in or rule out Lyme Disease infection, so must use clinical judgment as to whether to use antibiotic prophylaxis. Therefore, just as in routine blood culturing, multiple specimens must be collected to increase yield; a negative result does not rule out infection, but a positive one is significant. No breads, cereals, cake, etc. The big advantage is that it will display multiple species, not just Guidelnes.

In addition to measuring free T3 and T4 levels, check basal A.

You can also checkout our handy infographic for treatment guidelines. Ticks are very intolerant of being dried out. Benzathine penicillin Surprisingly effective IM alternative to oral therapy.

Amoxicillin mg q6h for 6 weeks. Doctors are not supposed to use the surveillance criteria to diagnose so Lyme treatment should not be based on surveillance criteria.

About Joseph Burrascano, MD

I recommend light, low fat food, high in fiber, with high quality nutritional value, minimal amounts of starch and other simple carbohydrates, absolute abstention from alcohol, elimination of caffeine, and if applicable, a serious commitment to weight loss. This means when the body of the tick is squeezed upon removal, irritated with toxic chemicals in an effort to get it to back out, or disrupted in such a way that its contents were allowed to contact the bite wound.

  ASTM D882 02 PDF

Antigen detection tests antigen capture and PCR are especially helpful in evaluating the seronegative patient and those burascano ill or relapsing after therapy. Oral azithromycin is not as effective as clarithromycin.

This test should be done by a cardiologist and include Isuprel challenge. The statements on this website have not been evaluated by the FDA. Some lesions have an atypical appearance and skin biopsy specimens may be helpful.


Babesia are parasites, and I suggest that if a coinfection is found involving this organism, treat this first, so that subsequent therapy for the other pathogens will butrascano more effective. When doxycycline is given parenterally, do not refreeze the solution prior to use!

Non-compliance, alcohol use on a regular basis, and failure of the patient to obtain proper guifelines. Take at least one to two tablet twice daily. Spray the clothes before they’re put on, and let them dry first. Depending upon what state you live in, surveillance reporting of cases might be bjrrascano. Therefore, spinal taps are only performed on patients with pronounced neurological manifestations in whom the diagnosis is uncertain, if they are seronegative, or are still significantly symptomatic after completion of treatment.

Peripheral neuropathy may result.

It is related to vitamin B12 and has several documented benefits: This is because Bb causes a deep tissue infection and is only transiently found in body humors.