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Others will dictate Bunkai and others still will be prepared to discuss Kata application providing their opinions are not too closely scrutinised.

It is to reach that which, articulated in old Okinawan, is: Ude Uchi could be applied to the temple of the attacker as a penetrative attack which causes disorientation. However, 34 Uchinadi Pinan Shodan when these techniques were developed, mercy was in short supply as the originators were fighting for their lives. It doesn’t HAVE to be a clenched fist or hard elbow or tensed foot for it to be an effective strike.

As Kata is utilising these responses, if is fair to assume that its intended use is to incapacitate untrained aggressors but is this really so? The three stages of the reverse punch see effective punching.

All readers should be aware of, and adhere to, all appropriate law and legislation relating to self-defence. In either case, it would probably be easier and safer to send your opponent a postcard telling him that the punch is on its way or wear a large neon sign around your neck which says: Palms We feel that, as previously stated, anything you can strike with a palm you can just as effectively strike with a closed fist.

Some instructors will, in our experience, not teach Bunkai in any form DW was never taught Bunkai and AP was taught that it was a defence against or within a mass brawl!!

Bushi-jutsu: The Science of the Warrior

It can be difficult to see how the rigidity and formality of most modern training can be applied in the chaos of live confrontation? No variations to this are allowed subject to style variations.

A short, close-range Mae Geri is applied to the base of the rib cage, quickly followed by a Ushiro Empi Uchi to the same point or just above. Return Of The Warrior. A counter Mae Geri is applied followed by a drop into Gyaku Zuki. The climax of this technique is the grab of the head right over leftturning thus attacking the neck and clearing.


The contravention of this law would result in severe punishment.

If you grab the lapels or that general area they will try to pull away. We believe that you can’t, consistently.

In thee forthcoming publication, we will be looking at the next three levels of Kata, Bunkai and Jutsu, and also, we will be studying more ghe the grappling aspects, the Kyusho Waza, the joint manipulation and a deeper study of the ‘instant stoppers’ – the so-called Ikken Hisatsu – stopping an opponent with one blow – and the death and paralysis techniques that Kata was designed to pass-on.

We do also use low-level, short-range side kicks and stamping kicks, but these tend to be more useful as finishers a stamping kick to a vulnerable area whilst grounded is devastating. The masters of old did not want an aggressor returning again and again. Within Oyo, we have attempted to show the classical application of Bunkai as it is taught in most contemporary Dojo today. If the strike is mistimed or misjudged, it can cause injury to both yourself and your opponent.

If you grab the lapels or that general area they will try to pull away. In this instance, byshi-jutsu swinging punch is the attack against which we ‘cower’ – we have found that this lulls the attacker into a false sense of security.

For my son who is always my gerbil or is it guinea pig? Kick 2 – low level, close range Mae Geri Front view Side view This kick can be used in very tight, close quarter combat situations.

The common factor of these two martial arts is that they are both Do — the most simplistic form and that which has been watered down from the original, Jutsu — the Science. The Outer doctrine That appertaining to the universal application of the principles of physical dynamics.

The authors, publishers and distributors of this book accept no responsibility for any prosecutions, proceedings or litigation brought or instituted against any person or body as a result of the use or misuse of the information or any techniques described in this book or any loss, injury or damage caused thereby.


This is where this very informative book by Andy Paskin and Darren Westwood will be of help. Ri means to transcend the physical and be free from unnecessary movement and a graceful, or apparently unstructured, execution, unaffected by reticence. The second Shuto per the Katais actually a base grab to the hair on the top of the attacker’s head, pulling the head backwards to reveal the front of the throat and to unlock the attacker’s Atemi.

We have all heard stories about how the old masters conditioned their fingers by plunging them into hot sand, pebbles, shells etc, and maybe they did, but do we? Some other versions we have seen have been further altered and the techniques have become lost in the mists of time. The myth of one-punch knockouts are exactly that – they rarely happen. Published in association with: Coming back to fluidity for a moment – you may know this as Tachi Sabaki or stance movement – one of the most important aspects of combat is ‘stance transition’.

Anyone who has been in, or has seen a real fight will know that real situations are frantic and chaotic affairs. Katain the traditional senseis a spiritual ritual.

Full text of “Bushi Jutsu – Science of the Warrior”

In the previous section, we mentioned the ‘watering wwarrior of Kata to allow teaching in school. We have seen demonstrations of Aikidoka who apparently throw their opponent using their index fingers only.

In lay-man’s terms – stamp kick to the attacker’s rib cage would be very effective. When these techniques are applied, the attacker can be moved forward or back, up or down, with the slightest application of the technique.

In this case, the Morote Uke is actually a grab for a Koshi Nage hip throw but the throw has not been effective.