Ravinder Singh is a bestselling author. His debut novel I Too Had a. Love Story has touched millions of heart. Can Love Happen Twice? is his second book. is very apt title for the book written by Ravinder Singh. Can love happen twice with the same person who once loved you and left you without. When Ravin first said I love you he meant it forever. The world has known this through Ravin s bestselling novel; I Too Had a Love Story. But did Ravin s story.

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I don’t know which one I should cry more for. Jun 14, Srikanth rated it liked it. Unreasonable and unbelievable incidents occur making rsvinder reader ask himself one question again and again Yes this book will sinfh you little emotional in the end but doesn’t appeal me much. Feb 11, Sapphire rated it it was ok Shelves: During November I got a mail from Flipkart for the pre-booking of ‘Can Love Happen Twice’ and within next five minutes, the order for the book was placed.

If Simar had a change in heart in coming back to Ravin, it had to be written in a much more convincing way. I guess Love can happen once only but if it happens twice than it is not well written or described in this book. The second book though the author seems to have got I actually picked this book after all the hue and cry that has been created around it.

May 02, Priyanka Roy Banerjee rated it did not like it Shelves: I’m glad i did The first one was strictly average, however the ending is well written in terms of the ravinrer and not the writing as much. How Ravinder the character started feeling for her, protective about her, like she is a baby to be taken care of.


Can Love Happen Twice? by Ravinder Singh

The character of Simar is really irritating. Lists with This Book.

Yes, love can happen twice. Ravin is such an awesome author. I liked Ravin and Simran’s story, esp their life in Belgium.

Ravin could not live up on the high expectation which I had on him after reading his first book. It was like I could see what was happening. I still appreciate the humongous effort it takes to write a book and adorn it with finishing touches. Probably that’s why it is so precious. I am giving it a modest 3 on a scale of 5. It’s kind of like the book version of Taylor Swift. Being a non romantic book lover, i thought i would have to endure not one but two to figure that deal on this one.

These are some questions I got while I was reading this book. You can read this book if you are curious to know that what happens to Ravin after the death of her true love.

When I read “I too I’ve always had a question “why can’t love happen twice” nevertheless I came to know I was true that love may happen twice, through this book.

After a year and a half since Khushi’s death, Ravin moved to Can love happen twice is the second part of Ravinder Singh bestselling novel I too had a love story. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Feb 05, Imran rated it really liked it. The story is linear and basic, very predictable. You feel that the girl in Ravin’s life is a pampered m I waited for such a long time to get to know what happened to Ravin.


There are obvious attempts to fill more pages because the author was unable to come up with something interesting.

Can Love Happen Twice?

And then zipping it till, are you ready for this, his NECK!! Don’t you think that the second book is better than the first one’i too had a love story’? Dec 21, Abhranil Dutta rated it it was ok Shelves: A one time read but not strongly recommended. View all 4 comments. How is this Book?

I wondered how could he do this to Khushito himself, who loved her so much and brought her back alive by writting a book in her memory???? Again, a must read, I should say. And I would ny that Ravinder Singh is a good writer but his first novel was far far better than its sequel. His friends Manpreet, Amardeep and Happy read through Ravin’s unfinished second book to find out where he is, and listeners from across Chandigarh are taken through an emotional ride when Ravin’s next tryst with love comes to light.

I wish there would have been ‘replacement guarantee’ on flipkart for books which you didn’t like!! To be honest, this is my fault. Will Ravin be able to stitch his life back together with the current girl in his life? Dec 25, Jigar rated it it was ok. Paperbackpages.