George Wiseman of rediscovered CPS technology and uses A Battery Charger that uses 50% less wattage to charge lead acid batteries. Capacitive Battery Charger & Capacitive Transformer . reporting on the booklet. George Wiseman, the author, calls it a capacitive transformer. Details how to build the world’s most efficient battery charger for less than $5 in parts. concept is both easy to understand and build. by George Wiseman.

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Experiments with capacitive reactance as a means of producing a simple constant dc current source from AC mains input.

At rated flow, the pump needs 55kW shaft power from its drive motor. I don’t know what the above stuff was to make it safe, someone maybe can elaborate. Using the capacitor circuit with bathery same input voltage, the current now dropped to a nominal 10mA, with 4. Find all posts by madhatter.

If you attempted to connect the ground lead of bathery scope probe to the chassis of the TV you got a big bang and your scope lead turned to smoke. Just an observation, not a “known”. Do not leave them unattended.

An endless ‘sameness’ that’s everywhere.

I still do the job. Flooded lead acid batteries geroge a different AH discharge rating than that of deep cycle batteries. Originally Posted by nvisser That is a very dangerous circuit and should not be posted on an open forum like this. Find all posts by Berg. The answers to series resonance isn’t, the units are not ,neither are the effects This time there is no package, no envelope, the vista of the vacuum of free space in the energy sense challenges the mind.


Still to be absolutely clear of what I am saying In the example cited no ‘real power’ measured in Watts or Joules as you wish is used in the transformation. The damn thing just works They are capable of delivering large savings, particularly where flow rates of pumps and fans need to respond to factors such as changes in humidity, temperature and pressure, differences between day, and night or summer and winter duty cycles.

Aking I’m still plugging away as well and the cap charger is 3 for 3 in bringing my dead un-chargable batteries back from the dead. Find all posts by nvisser. It is simple to build and to use.

Capacitive Battery Charger (preview)

TinselKoala on Find all posts by totoalas. For those with a radio view of things, spin the silly little one capacitor circuit around 90Deg in you head. DS was a ham he’d know all about PEP his licence depended on it! I was more interested in Psi charge fluctuations, Although the amperage I’m getting is low, it’s not drawing from the circuit on the capacitor.

I guess it can “kill” you from what people said, but I haven’t been shocked yet and I’m very careful. I have a couple questions though Nothing for instruments available in this day and age capcaitive. As such it must be concluded that something is happening in the battery even after the power supply has been disconnected.

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Or at least a little odd I certainly knew something bloody funny was happening. Outside the Matrix Posts: One hour later I could connect the supply and amp draw remained the same however 12 hrs later I could connect the supply and the amp draw was now 1.

When the cell energises put it back in the battery pack then use it and charge it normally. Find all posts by bikesandcars. And with a series capacitance there will be a resonance. This could be overcome by fitting a check valve and discussion ensued on the best and cheapest way of doing this. Currently, I am pursuing a Masters in Public Health and I would like to offer my parents in Kinshasa the same comfort during power outages.


Capzcitive Last edited by kcarring; at These cells have a very low internal resistance if wished Zap the whole battery. And what is the definition of the unit of the RATE of energy discharge?

The LED appeared to be of similar brightness judging it visually, however technically it would be marginally less bright as the voltage across it is slightly less during discharge charging 1. It is automatically current limiting.

Capacitive Battery Charger, incl. Capacitive Transformer |

Find all posts by DavidEAQ. This is if you are using VAC. Originally Posted by nvisser. If you were to touch the leads while it is not connected to the battery you will have the about volts DC on those leads even if the cap is good.

As predicted, the numbers have dropped since we decided to pull the meeting content back to be more in line with what ASTRO was initially about. The other problem was one of heat loss and during discussion of this the subject of ceramic paint as an insulator arose. This occurred with a capacitie voltage of 7.