Caparol Amphibolin – Emission-minimised, solvent-free, universal paint of the latest generation. For exterior and interior use. Product color: Caparol Amphibolin (universal). The pictures of the goods may not correspond to the actual appearance, color, size or shape of the goods and. Reinacrylat Caparol Amphibolin. Reinacrylat Caparol Amphibolin. Details. 1. Firms Using This Brand. Is this your brand?.

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Adverse weather conditions, influenced e.

Caparol Amphibolin (universal)

Free of fogging-active substances. Wood and Derived Timber Products: Matt, slightly absorbent coatings can be treated without a preliminary preparation.

Possibly a second finishing coat may be necessary. In case of moist weather conditions rain, dew, fog yellowish transparent traces of additives, showing a slightly glossy shine and stickiness, may occur on the surface of compact, cool substrates or by means of delayed drying caused by the weather. Use P2 dust filter for grinding.

caparrol The quality of the dried coating will not be affected by these changes. Karta informacyjno – techniczna Atest higieniczny Technische informatie Veiligheidsfiche Technische Information.


Repair small defects in mineral substrates with fine filler Caparol-Fassaden-Feinspachtel, deeper damages up to 20 mm preferably with filler Histolith-Renovierspachtel and prime repaired areas subsequently. Maximum particle grit size.

It is therefore advisable to apply a first coat in a similar hiding pastel tint, based on white. Technical information Technical Information No. Fibre Cement Boards with or without Asbestos Fibres: Facades in special climatic conditions high degree of moisture or subjected to a higher influence of atmospheric exposure: Apply one priming coat of OptiGrund or CapaSol. For exterior and interior use. Apply one undiluted priming coat of Amphibolin. Do not eat, drink or smoke while using the product.

Processing times 1 2 3. If more than one bucket is manually tinted, all product must be thoroughly mixed before use in order to avoid colour differences.

Caparol Amphibolin – Baushop

If more than one bucket is manually tinted, all product must be thoroughly mixed before use in order to avoid colour differences. Prime amphibolkn porous, sanding, absorbent plasters with OptiGrund or CapaSol.

The special formula reduces the writing effect for tinted paint coatings. You must select at least 1 quantity for this product. Prime highly absorbent, sanding surfaces with Dupa-grund. Coat with the crack covering system Cap-elast. The “wet adhesion promoter”, embedded in Amphibolin as demonstrated in our laboratory test on glass plates, prevents the swelling up of binding agent in extremely moist conditions, so that the coatings are permanently prevented from blistering and flaking.


If brown discolouration appears on this first coat, then recoat with solvent-based facade paint Duparol. Prime highly sanding, chalking renders with Dupa-grund. Dispose containers with residues of liquid product via waste collection point accepting old paints and enamels.

Caparol Amphibolin

Field of Application Emission-minimised and solvent-free exterior and interior paint for versatile use with ou tstanding adhesive strength on nearly all substrates. Slightly absorbent, smooth surfaces can be directly coated. Boards containing water-soluble, discolouring substances that leave marks must be primed with Caparol AquaSperrgrund.

It is therefore advisable to apply caoarol first coat in a similar hiding pastel tint, based on white.