Dating Principles for Great Relationships · Dating Seduction Technique · Inner Game · Missions · Q&A · Science of Attraction · Silver Members · Surveys. MALE and showing her the qualities that women are hard-wired to WANT. Carlos Xuma and I sat down and came up with the “21 Alpha Rules”. Sorry, this content is for members only. Click here to get access. Already a member? Login below Email Password Remember me (for 2 weeks) Forgot.

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It was time to do whatever it took to figure this thing out. Internet dating websites put thousands of available, attractive women literally at your fingertips, and just like in the “offline” world, there are tactics and techniques you can utilize to ensure success.

Yes, image is important, but looks are not the deciding factor. He gets dates frequently, but he doesn’t know how to stay in control or get the results he desires. There’s a book out there called “The Rules” that teaches women how to manipulate men to get them to marry themand there’s even a book out there that teaches women how to find and marry rich guys. Look, the law of attraction with women works much the same way as it works in your life, too.

Look at Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible. Almost like looking at a star in a telescope. You should know that women need to go through a chain of events to feel attracted to youto trust youand then to decide they’ll answer your phone calls or date you later on.

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We even started trying xu,a out at church. Carlos brings to the table a variety of life experiences, including a background in relationship skills, life-coaching, motivational psychology, sales, management, Martial Arts, teaching and instruction, technology and engineering, Eastern philosophy, the psychology of achievement, and music. You will learn a whole array of specific tactics and techniques for winning in any social or work related setting.

You may even think you know what those steps are from a bunch of other “systems. And why you absolutely do NOT need to spend a lot of money to show her you’re rich? This especially czrlos to your interactions with women.

The Alpha Man RULES!

It’s a real struggle for him to find women and get dates. The power technique for approaching multiple women and closing the one you want What all these other systems lacked was a special ingredient. There are three kinds of men out there. This program works on multiple levels.

Exclusive hour-long bonus audio interview of Carlos Xuma. The seventh weekend in a row. Share Your Opinion Enter your name Use an alias “made rulse name if you prefer to remain anonymous. Share your thoughts with other users: If you don’t find that the information you learn and USE from this program yes, you actually have to use it to benefit from it improves your dating success and confidence, as well as your overall self-image and attitude, simply contact us within 60 days for a full refund.

There’s a secret silence among women to protect this information from getting out to guys. Think about the guy in the office that has a certain something about him. Something had to give!


Dean is tall and gangly, and prefers to dress in t-shirts and ripped-up jeans rather than suits. We’re not your Hollywood hunks, okay? This program is NOT a collection of “field reports” from guys talking about their sleazy conquests.

The Alpha Rules – About us

Dating Dynamics Dating Coaches: Dating Dynamics Release Date: Click “Submit” to send your review! But did you know, most men on these sites are blowing their chances without ever realizing where they’re going wrong? This is what some guys call a ” moment of truth ,” when you realize that you cannot keep urles down the same old path of failure anymore.

It’s not like anything you’ve ever read or learned about dating tactics or achieving personal excellence. The 4 Elements of Game. And, after a few years, most of these women file for divorce from their husbands. It’s actually easier to get past her defensive shields and into her mind if you don’t have this baggage. Most of these principles were based on deceptive mind games that we thought only stalkers used.

How to keep women in perspective – realizing how women are no better than you are This information-packed manual covers every aspect of Internet dating.