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Carrom board tricks to win every round of the game!

You will receive a link to create a new password via email. Second Hit This trick can be used to pocket two coins at a single shot if a coin is blocking your hit to another coin on the carrom board.

Click on NEXT page to read the rest of the article! What do you think? Carrom is a table game that is very popular in South Asia and surrounding Middle East countries. When all the coins are placed in the middle of the carrom board, this shot helps you to hit two coins simultaneously. While noticing the resemblance Having the right mental attitude It is a game of fun and rules are kept to a minimum.

All about their intimate friendship. Join to our community! It so happens that after a while, the finger you use to hit the discs starts to hurt. A post shared by Jaco Sperelli jacosperelli on Oct 21, at 5: In the early days, there were no written rules and it was all handed down by word of mouth.

For example, flicking the disc in the right direction will push it to the opposite direction. Sorry, we can’t verify that you are at least 13 years old – you can’t view this page. After continuously playing, the shot on the NEXT page will help! Most popular tags kim kardashian cat fighting funny baby zodiac relationship dating advice what men like love horoscope funny photos of people workout vs laziness how to be happy relationship advice creativity.


Make sure your striking finger is as close as you can to the striker, touching it if possible.

Carrom board tricks to win every round of the game! – Dazzling News

Check your e-mail and click confirmation carrmo to reset your password Ok. This game is very interesting just like chess and billiards where special tricks are the main moves to win the game.

Faces of celebrities seen very close up and without Photoshop. Bands similar to Queen that you should listen to. This has the effect of propelling the striker without hurting your finger. Although the name of Katie Holmes became a hot topic after her marriage to Tom Cruise, it quickly was surpassed by the expectation of the first biological daughter of the famous actor of Hollywood. Shogs it hit the gap, then the two coins should move in opposite directions and reach two different pockets at the same time.

It is a game of fun and rules are kept to a minimum. You want to show that you are better than the next person in playing the game. As an Indian, we have played this popular game with family and friends at least once! There are no rules to use a single finger to hit the striker so you can use your thumb for a stronger hit.


Alley oop This is a great trick if you are playing a doubles game. What happens to our bodies when we stop drinking! Reasons why couples break up in the first year according to experts! The way to do it is by hitting the striker in such a way that it moves the disc close to the pocket. Propelling the striker in the right direction at the right speed If you flick your striker with not enough force, the piece it hits will not have sufficient momentum to travel to the pocket.

Don’t forget to share this article with all your friends and family and feel free to leave a Like on our Facebook page! Target the coin which can hit another coin to reach the pocket in a straight line path. Flicking the striker There are several ways of flicking the striker with trifk of your fingers.

Cagrom shot The middle shot is a kind of a tricky method in this game which can be done at the starting stage of the game.