Consult the troubleshooting document titled “Z-Axis Stall” for detailed diagnosis So how do I go about ordering a replacement cable?. I just received $ worth of spare parts for my Summer Sign Season. . The very first run I did upon recieving it, you guessed it z axis stall. During this carve I received one “Z Axis stall” error message. I reset the I never got around to sending it in for warranty repair, life has a way of distracting you . ?vendor=ringneckblues.

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This is a servo not a stepper system with encoders. And your right that there are a bunch of unhappy users and all I can do is post helping answerer to help them deal with the issues. Wow certainly not commerce with morality I can tell you that Any way, here I am trying to fix this thing.

Tighten the Y-belt tensioner plate screw. It was returned to Houston and came back with some epoxy on it where one of the wires had broken off.

Remove the right side panel assembly: I would be very impressed with the company if they would offer the Rock as an option. I keep an eye on the machine and wipe the rails when needed. Rerun the calibration routine as many times as necessary to attain the level of accuracy that you desire.

  LEY 24013 PDF

Replace Z-Truck

Luckily I was able to get my adjustable bearings loose. Lay the head cover to the side: Hand-tighten the roller screws to hold the assembly in place. Enter the new value in decimal or fractional form.

You can publish your book online for free in a few minutes! Lift the cover straight up and locate the two cables still connecting it to the head. All flex shafts are prone to wear and need replacement.

I sent them an email the same time I posted on SMC. During this carve I received one “Z Axis stall” error message.

Replacing the Z motor pack – CarveWright Support

I just didn’t have another several hours to deal with it at the time, so it sat for 6 months or so. After I used it I see no disadvantage to the flex shaft. Now I have a couple of them. Are there any other parts that I should replace at this juncture? So it is knowing the machine.

Heres the thing the truck has 4 screws. Its actually astounding how many ways one machine can fail to operate.

Z Axis stall nightmares

You are now at the screen that shows you the default calibration numbers factory calibrated as well as the current calibration setting for the width measurement.


The two long screws go in the vertical locations.

The X Drive uses the same motor but has more gearing to drive the board through the machine and make X movement when Vector Cutting. This is the Critical part But I could turn the bearings with the wrench. I spent the afternoon and evening cutting signs and the machine worked fine, I have not used it for 4 weeks To find out more, replacemenh how to control cookies, see here: I may be able to help you.

Let me get this right. Make sure that the blow deflector is correctly placed. Notice how the cable is routed alongside and under the Y-truck motor pack.

I just got off the phone with hardware support and they told me “your machine is obsolete we no longer support those” I remember when Cravewright bought this I was told I would have support for life.