programming, which is covered in the QT programming manual. Note: Casio reserves the right to change equipment and specifications without obligation redaehtropergnitnirpgnirudrorrE. atadtropergnitnirpgnirudrorrE. The Casio QT and other products you use every day were certainly offered in the manual set. We know from our users’ experience that most of people do. Omron rs 12 cash register instruction manual free to databse of all machines.

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Add check Use this key in a check tracking system to combine the details of more than one check into a single check.

Casio QT-6100 User Manual

These limits are designed. Charge Use this key to register a charge sale. Tax exempt Use this key to change taxable amounts to nontaxable amounts. Please ensure that the socket outlet is installed near the equipment and shall be easily hedienungsanleitung. Use a dry cloth to periodically wipe off any dust built up on the prongs of the plug. Press this key for the tax exemption. Tilt the touch screen panel.

Normally, a receipt is issued. It does not list all the functions and features of the ERA If csio want to subtract the reduction amount from the department or PLU totalizer, program Net totaling.

Check Use this key to register a check tender. Tray total Use this key to display the total amount for all registrations from the last registration until this key is pressed or registrations between presses of this key.



Retail Service User Guide. Doing so creates the danger of electric shock. OBR Optical barcode reader Use this key to input optical barcodes manually. Pulling on the cord can damage it, break the wiring, or cause short, creating the danger of fire and electric shock. Taxable amount subtotal Use this key to obtain taxable amount subtotal. If there is any problem, unplug the extension. Handling the terminal Should the terminal malfunction, start to emit smoke or a strange odor, or otherwise behave abnormally, immediately shut down the power and unplug the AC plug from the power outlet.

Used for displaying the current shift PLU, menu sheet and 2nd unit price level. Credit Use this key to register a credit sale. Coupon 2 Use this key to declare the next item registration as coupon.

QT-6600 User s Manual

A clerk cannot sign on unless other clerk is signed off. Do not allow the power cord or plug to become damaged, and never try to modify them in any way. U New balance key S Use this key to add the current registered total amount to the previous balance to obtain a new balance. This product has been designed to enable. The order characters not only of the item but in the order character table can be printed. Do not place containers of liquids near the terminal and do not allow any foreign matter to get into it.

Feature Description 3 3. Areas where the terminal will be subject to large amounts of humidity or dust, or directly exposed to hot or cold air. Use of an outlet with a different voltage from the rating creates the danger of malfunction, fire, and electric shock. Used for displaying numeric entries, registration, subtotal amount, etc. Please read carefully and follow all warnings and instructions in.

  DIN 439B PDF

Multiplication by this key issues singular order prints.

Make sure the power plug is inserted as far as it will go. Text print Use this key to enter characters to print. Never touch the printer head and the platen. K Number of customer key [ Use bedienungsqnleitung key to register the number of customers.

Cadio not use this apparatus near More information. Select the – record, enter reduction amount and press the appropriate key. Please keep all informations for future reference. Never try to bedienungsanleitjng the terminal apart or modify it in any way. This key is also used to release the slip paper holder if numbers are not entered. Always observe the warnings and cautions indicated on the product. Page 75 Loan operation Page 34, 62 Check the date and time. Open check Use this key to issue an open check report of an assigned clerk.

In addition, this key also has a split price function. Before closing a transaction press this key.

This is a Class A product.