Once upon a past Millie had been a ghost for years. But now, restored by the magic of Xanth, she was again a maddeningly desirable woman. She. In Castle Roogna, Dor travels back in time and learns about the history of Castle Roogna and of Xanth. Contents[show] Plot While his parents are away on a trip. for the book, see Castle Roogna (book) Castle Roogna was originally built by King Roogna sometime between year and After the fall of King Gromden.

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I know that Piers Anthony has been criticised as being sexist. I read about barbarians and warriors with swords, so Loving this silly trope on fantasy literature. That was far better than reading about sex or lack thereof from such a character. The first two was like that, quest goes on and on, lotsa turns and interactions, complications, and whatnots Everything did happen for a reason more or less, not just to fill in the blanks whilst moving from point A to B.

Having just finished a re-read of the third Xanth novel, I must admit that I was thoroughly entertained by it. This is done by Magic which places him into the body of an adult Barbarian in the past like Quantum Leap, though this predates that TV series by nearly a decade. I love the puns and humor of Piers Anthony. The remaining harpies leave when Dor retrieves a long lost male harpy from stasis in the brain coral. While his parents are in Mundania on the King’s business, King Trent decides to test the twelve year old Dor by assigning to him a daring quest – to restore to life the zombie companion of his nurse and one-time ghost, the maid Millie.

Jun 20, Caitlyn Jane rated it it was amazing. However, there were also many other little twists that Piers Anthony deftly tied up at the end that I didn’t see coming. There they learn that King Roogna and Magician Murphy are competing to shape two very different futures for Xanth.


Even though the books are written for adults, they really are written for juvenile males, and as an adult female, I really notice that now. The harpies mate with humand and vultures in alternating generations in order to propagate their species owing to the fact that there are no more living male harpies and without one are only able to produce female harpies.

The characters are interesting. Unfortunately, lifting such a slow acting curse has no immediate effect on the goblin horde, but the zombie army is able to beat back the remaining goblins.

Castle Roogna

Thankfully while undertaking the quest Dor learns a lot about himself and gets a whole new outlook on life. Mar 26, Pages. Turns out the Zombie Master is Millies zombie lover and ends up providing the cure for his own curse. However the Zombie Master lived eight roognaa ago.

The castle is saved.

Castle Roogna by Piers Anthony | : Books

The Hoorah also deposits a young female into the nest, who Dor laster learns is the young, pre-ghost version of Millie. I didn’t particularly like how Millie was the silly air-headed maiden. Open Preview See a Problem?

Xanth 1 – 10 of 41 books. Piers Anthony is a big name in his genre, but this is the first of his books that I have read.

With the help of the Good Magician Murphy, Dor travels years into the past, rooogna the company of a giant spider, to meet with the only magician who can instruct Dor on how to restore the undead Jonathan – the Zombie Master. In book 2, The Source of Magic, we find Bink married but still running from temptation. Mar 26, Pages Buy. This is by far my favorite casstle in this entire series.

In particular, I enjoy the great many things that occur when Dor returns from his quest – in particular, his interactions with Princess Ivy.


I found it to be very imaginative and well written. Millie, a ghost for years wants only one man–Jonathan, and he’s a zombie. Reading this book has been nothing short of literary torture and I have soldiered on with a mantra of: Casgle going to miss Bink’s misadventures, but Dor’s are definitely at least as good.

I thoroughly enjoyed this novel, and will always go back to reading it along with all the cashle of the Xanth novels.

Trivia About Castle Roogna Xa Then read this book. Jun 22, Anastacia rated it it was amazing Shelves: This is one of my favorites. Dor, Bink and Chameleon’s child, is twelve years old, with a Magician level talent that makes others uncomfortable.

I had predicted who Jonathon was by page ! I really appreciated all the puns castel humour. I would recommend this book for someone who wants something fun and easy.

That is actually quite easy to do in Xanth. Castle Roogna is about a boy named Dor who is the child of Bink and how he goes on a quest to see the Zombie Master so he can get a restorative potion to restore Millie the former ghost’s love Johnathan. So, the third book of the Xanth series so far I’ve liked the best. The Source of Magic.

This story was original and thoroughly entertaining.

Dor is kind of a brat in the beginning of the book, but turns out to be a likable kid, and the other characters are a lot of doogna. As Dor is pulled into the tapestry, a spider that happens to be on the tapestry is also pulled in with him.

Able to talk to any nonliving thing few secrets are kept from Dor.