Parajumbles are one of the most important topics of CAT exam. In the following post, we have given 25 questions of Parajumbles Set – 1 for. Para Jumbles Test Directions for questions 1 to Sentences given in each question, when properly .. Find more CAT PARA JUMBLES QUESTIONS @. Para Jumbles or sentence arrangement is a very important topic for CAT. Ace the questions on Para jumbles by learning these simple tips & tricks.

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Statement B is in continuation with option C telling about the results. Before plants can take life from atmosphere, nitrogen must undergo transformations similar to ones that food undergoes in our digestive machinery. Verbal Ability — Parajumbles — Q5: Your answers are highlighted below.

Statement A gives the current state after the opening sentence. Hence, the correct sequence Any items you have not completed will be marked incorrect. Sentence 2 which introduces the placebo effect must be the starting sentence.

Para Jumbles:Test-1

Nitrogen — an essential food for plants — is an abundant resource, with about 22 million tons of it floating over each square mile of earth. Test-3 Sentence Completion Level Hence, 31 is a pair which must follow sentence 4.


The placebo effect is not solely based on believing in treatment, however, as the clinical setting in which treatments are administered is also paramount. Once in office, they receive friends and relatives qquestions feel free to call any time without prior appointment.

Historically, stained glass was almost entirely reserved for ecclesiastical spaces.

The next thing that you actually need to do is to establish connections between various statements. Before plants can take life from atmosphere, nitrogen must undergo transformations similar to ones that food undergoes in our digestive machinery.

Para Jumbles For CAT With Out Options – TITA Questions – Cracku

CAT Sample Papers. Analysts say the new machines will appeal primarily to corporate users.

Sentence 2, which introduces the topic of what stories tell, must be the starting sentence. This they must be referring to some people. For many scientists oceans are the cradle of life.

Look at the personal pronoun “they” in sentence B: If you leave this page, your progress will be lost. Once you are finished, click the button below.


While, sentence 4 elaborates on what if we get the stories quite right. Please enter your comment! In its aerial form nitrogen is insoluble, unusable and is in need of transformation.

Let’s take up a sample problem and understand how solving Para-jumbles operates.

Parajumbles Questions and Answers for CAT Exam

As always, the best way to achieve these objectives is to focus on your reading skills and improve your reading ability. Please enter your name here. Sorry, there is no article yet here. Jitu Pawar on June 25, at 5: Know where you stand in Para Jumbles. Sentence 3 further elaborates on chemical reactions, started by lightning, which affects nitrogen.

Para Jumbles:Test-1 – CAT @ Wordpandit

Statement B adds on to the worry the author has in option D. Tied vs Tide — Confused between Tied or Tide? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.