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These results will need to be replicated in a clinical trial setting to validate our results in an interventional research environment, including the timeliness of hospital outcomes and safety information.

A hardness result for core stability catalogke additive hedonic games: Descriptive statistics, measures of agreement, and validity were used to compare the two approaches to data processing. For manual methods, the time required per-record is fixed after maximizing the experience and speed of a given data abstractor and chart identification processes.

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of ; pp.

In this project, we compiled all available sources of EMS data for each patient in both the electronic and manual processing strategies, as illustrated in Data Supplements 1 electronic approach and 2 manual approach. A comparison of analytic methods for non-random missingness of outcome data.

Study staff involved with electronic data processing included: In general, cases identified by manual methodology tended to have greater physiologic compromise e.

Model-Based Development of Embedded Systems First, we compared the data processing strategies using clinically meaningful variables and outcomes, rather than simply evaluating the number of errors per data field.


For total out-of-hospital time, most values clustered on the zero difference line, but those that differed tended to be under-estimated by electronically processed time values. Operational variables included four time intervals response, on-scene, transport, and total out-of-hospital time.

Network Attack Detection and Defense: See other articles in PMC that cite the published article. However, electronic data processing is not a panacea for research, and has important limitations that must be considered. Doberkat, Ernst-Erich; Kurz, Alexander.

Selectronic Catalogue

Quality assurance processes included data element range and consistency checks in the web-based data entry forms, dual data entry, chart re-review for a randomly selected sample of records, and annual site visits by members of the ROC Data Coordinating Center to review randomly selected study records, data capture processes, and local data quality efforts. Wasilkowski on the occasion of their 80th and 60th birthdays: Aggregate EHR files were exported from each of the participating EMS agencies typically in 6- or month time blocks, depending on the agency, availability of agency-based data personnel, and volume of calls over a 2-year period, and were restricted to the same dates used for the manual processing sample January 1, through October 2, Analogues of Chaitin’s Omega in the computably enumerable sets: Newgard CD, Haukoos J.

Electronic data processing was undertaken for the same sample of patients in a separate, but parallel project investigating field trauma triage practices in the region.

We hypothesized that an all-electronic data collection and processing strategy would yield broader capture of eligible study patients and similar data quality when compared to a more conventional approach.


Electronic Data Processing Electronic selecgronic processing was undertaken for the same sample of patients in a separate, but parallel project investigating field trauma triage practices in the region.

Electronic transformers for low-voltage halogen lamps

Open in a separate window. While we did not directly quantify the differences in time efficiency between data processing approaches, we gained substantive insight by assessing the relative effort expended for each strategy. Adapting computing-research conferences to the growth of the field: Outcomes included mortality field and in-hospital and duration of hospital stay. Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Outcomes were collected by matching EMS records to hospital records, locating these records within respective hospitals, and abstracting the hospital data into the web-based forms.

BRP — Parts Catalogs

Clinical, operational, procedural, and outcome information for the different manual and electronic data processing samples. Second, the electronic methods used in this study completely removed the need for data abstraction and data entry paperlessthus maximizing the benefits of EHR sources.

Hardness and Approximation Algorithms: There was some evidence of heteroscedasdicity among 5 of the 15 ordinal and continuous variables, as assessed by regressing differences against averaged values.

In addition, we focused the analysis on 18 variables available in the EHR, yet the inability to obtain all relevant research information from the EHR is a real possibility, depending on the research question and topic under study.