Incarceron () is a young-adult fantasy and science fiction novel written by Catherine Fisher that was first released on May 3, Published by Hodder. “One novel stands out above all others – Catherine Fisher’s Incarceron. One of the Catherine Fisher is a poet and author of children’s fiction. Catherine has. Read Common Sense Media’s Incarceron review, age rating, and parents guide. Catherine Fisher has crafted a masterpiece for young people in which.

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So he reverted the whole world to a pre-regenc I found it difficult to enjoy Incarceron at first.

Incarceron – Wikipedia

Although there is more than one romance and no love scenes or depictions of sex, the themes of a depraved underworld and political use of children as pawns in the outside world are complex and make this book more suitable for older teens. Konsepnya mirip sama daur kehidupan di pelajaran biologi SMU, tapi jauh lebih keren. We made up a word. Beware the man You think you know.

I incarceon myself wanting more than I was getting from this story because of the interesting ideas stimulating my imagination to believe in its potential. And so incaarceron plan for Finn’s escape is born! God, after he came into the series I was bored out of my mind. I feel like this review is very much a ‘I can’t put my fingers on what was wrong’ type of catnerine, so I apologize if it seems rather chaotic.


When he finds a Key that allows him to communicate with a girl on the outside, Finn launches a desperate escape plot all the while attempting to unravel the secrets of his past.

They’re kind of average and there IS no romance. With a mind of her own, and no intention to marry the arrogant Caspar, Claudia pines for incarceronn one to whom she was first betrothed – Giles.


So far as protagonists go, Claudia is as plucky as they come, but it is Finn that captures hearts with his vision, his trusting friendships, and his courage. Which revelation was most surprising?

Dan yang terakhir, Attia. Crazy for Young A Sekalian aja, kenapa nggak Jaman Majapahit? This book is about a melding of 2 worlds. Waking up in a dark, dirty, prison cell with no memories I guess you could say the book is pretty dark, what with chaining people up and treating them like dogs, but this darkness is overshadowed, because Finn is not alone; he incarcfron friends. Unfortunately it just didn’t workout, at least for me.

Is it fksher good? She turned out to be a lot more complex character than I expected. All the revelations when they came, while I wasn’t expecting them, they fiser delivered in an unremarkable way view spoiler [Incarceron is actually the size of a small cube key charm the warden caarries around and all thats inside it and all its inhabitants are shrunk to about the size of atoms a whole landscape world in a tiny cube. Fisher writes it so well, and with such awesome variation within Incarceron itself, of A.

The Sapienti created Incarceron during a time of advanced technology and discovery. Finn from the prison Incarceron, and Incarcedon from ‘Outside’ who also happens to be the daughter of the Warden of Incarceron come into contact through a communication device in the shape of a crystal key.

Finn has almost unwavering belief that he knew another life than that of Incarceron. Unfortunately, there were aspects that Disclaimer: But the overall plotting and story-structure of this novel was weak, in my opinion.

Videos About Fishet Book. The dystopian genre is here to stay I guess, and I thought this book was very creative and well written! Cry yourself into a vomiting fit, yes.


The full integration of technology into this future society may intrigue teens but the young characters who are catherie against their socially assigned roles will be the hook that captures them. The main characters survive not only by courage and and determination, but also by some acts of compassion, trust, and commitment.

Since it’s hard to get a feel for how the characters really ARE on the inside, it was always so exciting hearing their conversations with each other and seeing how they helped each other in dangerous situations, because I could never be sure what was coming next, how they would react. Finn fishrr so much pot I’m ifsher. Not one thing is exactly how it seems, and that goes for characters as well. Sometimes you want more than a book can deliver.

It is a terrifying mix of high technology — a living building which pervades the novel as an ever-watchful, ever-vengeful character, and a typical medieval torture chamber — chains, great halls, dungeons.

Had I not, I suspect that the review would have been a bit more Saia juga bisa menerima urusan teleport-teleport itu. Add your rating See all 15 kid reviews. No, Australia is great. Corbenic by Catherine Fisher. On the downside, I wanted to know what his chronic illness was. Which, indeed it is. What a royal waste of time it would have been better spent sleeping cos yup this book was as boring as watching paint dry lol.

View all 15 comments. View all 29 comments. She had good characteristics to balance out the caatherine ones, though.