Caustic ingestion can cause severe injury to the esophagus and the stomach. Alkali ingestions A STUDY OF CORROSIVE ESOPHAGITIS. Corrosive esophagitis usually occurs from accidental or suicidal ingestion of caustic substances (e.g. lye, household cleaners, bleaches, washing soda), and is. Esophagitis Secondary to Ingestion of Caustic Material. P. N. Symbas, M.D., S. E. Vlasis, B.S., and C. R. Hatcher, Jr., M.D.. ABSTRACT The records of

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Caustic injury of the upper gastrointestinal tract: A comprehensive review

Caustic ingestion, esophageal injury and stricture. Data from developing countries, however, are sparse given that cases are largely underreported.

Experimental Study Gastroint Endosc. Hence, the amount ingested tends to be more[ 4 ]. For the rest of their lives, these patients may present new ulcerations followed by re-epithelialization due to small traumas provoked by food.

Data analysis was performed using the EPI-5 software and, when necessary, the chi-squared test on a 0. Caistic 2 Computed tomography grading system for caustic lesions.

Ingestion of caustic substances and its complications

A standardised protocol for the acute management of corrosive ingestion in children. Moreover, assessment of the limits of the gastric resection may be difficult, due to ongoing fibrosis. Surgical treatment of corrosive gastritis.


Caustic injury of the upper gastrointestinal tract in adults: This leads to deeper penetration into tissues with a greater likelihood of transmural injury[ 6 ]. Patients with esophageal strictures usually complain of dysphagia and substernal pressure, and may become symptomatic 3 wk or later after ingestion.

Colon interposition in the treatment of esophageal caustic strictures: Blunt thorax oesophageal stripping: Late sequelae of corrosive gastric injury include intractable pain, gastric outlet obstruction, late achlorhydria, protein-losing gastroenteropathy, mucosal metaplasia and development of carcinoma[ 66 ]. This is in contrast to a report by Titk 21 who stated that this cancer is of the spinous cell type and that the lesion tends to localize at the level of the bronchial bifurcation or below it.

The cancers developed in the middle and lower thirds, except for one case in the upper third. Recently, some concerns have been raised about the correlation between endoscopic findings and the extent of necrosis[ 39 ]: Laparoscopy has been proposed when gastric perforation is highly suspected[ 63 ], but the mini-invasive approach has two caveats: In challenging patients, a surgical airway may be required. Recently, 3 types of stents are now available: All authors have seen and approved the manuscript submitted.

Management of esophageal caustic injury

Afr J Paediatr Surg. D Grade E Poor: During the first days the ulcerations are covered with a leukocytic fibrinous layer.

Steroids are usually reserved for patients with symptoms involving the airway[ 5556 ]. Both an improvement in nutritional status and a sustained esophageal patency should be considered reference points for a successful dilatation. Surgery for non-responding esophageal strictures: March 14, P- Reviewer: Caustic strictures of the oesophagus. Severe injuries of esophagihis stomach at endoscopy require careful monitoring with a low threshold for laparotomy.


Concentration of the substance, amount ingested, length of time of tissue contact, and pH of the agent. Transhiatal esophageal resection for corrosive injury. Am J Emerg Med.

Chest films may reveal a dilated esophagus or evidence of esophageal perforation. Caustic ingestions in children. When the burn reaches the submucosal tissue, cicatricial reins, half-moon stenosis or membranous narrowing will appear. Mucosal injury begins within minutes of caustic ingestion. Reproduced from Osman et al[ 10 ].

With the advantage of not being invasive, CT scan has a promising role in the early evaluation of caustic injury damage.

J Pediatr Gastroenterol Nutr.

Therefore, emergent endoscopy among these patients is generally recommended[ 78 ]. Statistical Methods Data were ssophagitis and analyzed by descriptions of frequency and percentages and by statistical tests.