CENTERPIECE plates with spinous process autografts, and resection of the C3, The Centerpiece Plate Fixation System (Medtronic Sofamor. Learn about cervical spinal fusion and a surgical technique known as anterior cervical fusion, also known as an anterior cervical discectomy and fusion (ACDF). Medtronic Sofamor Danek. CENTERPIECE T M Plate Fixation System. (k) Summary – K( May Submitter: Medtronic Sofamnor.

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The spacer may be synthetic or constructed with bone taken from another area of your body. Chen et al [7] reported on a technique that used a 3.

Unless just removed from an unopened Medtronic Sofamor Danek package, all instruments and implants must be disassembled if applicable and cleaned using neutral cleaners before sterilization and introduction into a sterile surgical fi eld or if applicable return of the product to Medtronic Sofamor Danek.

If a loaner, earn-out or consignment system is used, all sets should be carefully checked for completeness and all components should be carefully checked for lack of damage prior to use. Suture anchors Suture anchors have a tapered body that helps reduce insertion torque. Medtronjc bones in our back are called vertebrae Medtronc information.

Thoracic compression plate / laminoplasty – Centerpiece – Medtronic

Only sterile products should be placed in the operative fi eld. Pullout strength is greater with bicortical purchase and can be considered in patients with poor bone quality or when longer fixation constructs are used; however, there is a risk of endangering nerve roots and the vertebral artery.

Category Laminoplasty plates, suture anchors, and posterior cervical spine instruments Device details Laminoplasty plates Laminoplasty hardware is available in various sizes for both lateral mass screws and plates.

Proper alignment indicates correct positioning of the plate holder to the plate. Spine NovemberVolume 11, pp. Comparison studies have demonstrated similar rates of neurological recovery. Any case not described in the Indications. Historically, there have been several reported cases of degeneration. Intervertebral Device Implanted 2 3. Unless marked sterile and clearly labeled as such in an unopened sterile package provided by the company, all implants and instruments used in surgery must be sterilized by the hospital prior to use.


Jack Zigler uses a bone model to describe cervical fusion. If performed for only 1- or 2-level disease, the limited length of decompression does not allow the free migration of spinal cord dorsally. Documents Add a new file Upload. She never had surgery, had no history or family history of cancer and was a nonsmoker.

Further, the proper selection and compliance of the patient will greatly affect the results. Hydroxyapatite implants have also been designed for use as struts, as well as for use in open-door laminoplasty.


ALIF Anterior In human anatomy, referring to the front surface of the body or the position of one structure relative to another Lumbar Relating to the loins or the section of the back centerpicee sides between.

Figure 4 Figure 4a Figure 4b.

Isolated radiating arm pain or numbness is consistent with nerve root dysfunction rather than spinal cord dysfunction, garnering the name radiculopathy. Figure 15 Figure 15a Figure The lateral mass screw holes for the hinge plate are metdronic drilled for two additional screws, firmly fixing the hinge in place. After the wound is copiously irrigated, the final bone grafting is then performed.

This alteration in forces following fusion has been associated with increased rates of adjacent segment degeneration. Examples of posterior cervical instrumentation with lateral mass screws and rod constructs include the DePuy Summit Fixation System and the Vertex Reconstruction system by Medtronic.

Cervical Laminoplasty and Posterior Cervical Fusion Devices for Cervical Stenosis

Placing all screws in line as much as possible aids placement of the rods. The principle school of thought described in this technique is the Open Door procedure.

The wound is copiously irrigated prior to closure. Any medical or surgical condition which would preclude potential benefi t of spinal implant surgery, such as the presence of tumors or congenital abnormalities, elevation of sedimentation rate unexplained by medttronic diseases, elevated white blood count WBCor a marked left shift in the WBC differential count.

Miyazaki et al reported that, at year follow-up postsurgery, neurologic status cfnterpiece maintained. Risks of Cervical Fusion There are potential risks associated with the use of these devices some of which include: Bone grafting options Bone from.


These anchors are the same ones used for many sports medicine procedures, such as arthroscopic shoulder labral repairs.

The patient is then transferred prone onto a standard operating table with the appropriate padding. Information in large print, More information. However, the complication rates are lower with laminoplasty, and motion is preserved rather than sacrificed.

Figure 1 Figure 1a. After the laminoplasty has been opened, the appropriate size allograft is selected using the bone trials Refer to Figure Surgical Technique Vertex Select reconstruction System Posted Screw Module Surgical Technique the Vertex Medtrinic reconstruction System is a comprehensive set of options that provides adjustability, flexibility, and adaptability More information. Implants and instruments should be protected during storage especially from corrosive environments.

It usually occurs in the lower back lumbar spine or the neck medtroonic spine It occurs More information. Anchors of 2, 2. Mini-plates Historically, with the Hirabayashi-type open-door laminoplasty technique, the gap on the open-door side was kept open with suture passing around or through the spinous process and facet capsule on the closed side see image below.

Most plates are made from medical-grade titanium or titanium alloy [1, 2] and are designed for uses in the lower cervical and upper thoracic spine C3-T3.

This is a critical step in achieving a good fusion. Recovery If you choose an anterior cervical discectomy and mdetronic ACDFyou can expect to spend one day in the hospital. The oval shaped center screw hole in the graft plate allows meftronic fine adjustments of the plate on the allograft.

The screwdriver sleeve is optional, and can be used to help secure the screw onto the screwdriver while inserting it into the bone. A ligamentum flavum clamp.