Some of the dishes from Chef Damodaran recipes are a mix of traditional and modern cooking methods and cater to a wide range of tastebuds. Mr. Damodharan (or popularly known as Chef Damu or Chef Damodaran) is a famous culinary expert in South India. Chef Damodaran recipes are a mix of. You are here: Home / Archives for Chef Damu Recipes Spicy & Crispy Lamb Chops Recipe ยท Mutton Chops Curry Recipe / Lamb Curry Recipe.

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How to make easy and quick potato rice with step by step. Try to cut the brinjal as thinly as possible i sliced dzmodaran thick so it took lot of time to cook and also make the coconut into a smooth paste. Let it cook on a slow flame for mins.

One man, one day. Now add in the grinded masala and mix well.


Mavadu Ingredients and Methods of Mavadu Grind mustard seeds, crystalline salt, whole red chillies and turmeric powder into a thick daodaran. Crackle whole spices in oil,Saute onions and curry leaves. And looking sprightly even. Chettinad samayal is famous for its spicy non-vegetarian and vegetarian side.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Cinnamon pattai -1 inch piece. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Add in the brinjal and mix well. Hi Is the curry thick or gravy like?

Brinjal Masala โ€“ Chef Damodaran Recipe

Damodaran is still standing. Add in masala and mix well.

Aloo Shimla Mirch Recipe with step by step โ€” This is dry preparation of potatoes and capsicum with few spices. Add in tomatoes,spice powders,brinjal and mix well. Heat rwcipes in a vessel Saute sliced onion and green chilli.

9 Traditional Chef Damu Recipes That Will Change Your Life Forever | HungryForever

Grind green chillies, coriander leaves. Footer Pulao โ€” Pulav Recipes. This recipeis serve with idli, dosa and tiffin items. Coriander leaves- for garnishing. Make 4mm thickness round about 6 inch diameter. Coriander powder malli podi -1tbslpn. Take flour in a large bowl. Grind ginger garlic and half onion. Coriander Tomato Chuttney Recipe with step by step.


This vegetable is enjoyed by people of all ages and its is very healthy. Cauliflower Paratha Recipe with step by step.

Chef Damu Recipes | Hungryforever

In a kadai damldaran oil and crackle in some cinnamon,Saunf, and cumin seeds. Save this post for later. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Heat 4 tbsp oil. Dhokla Ingredients and Methods of Dhokla Warm the water. Now add in the onions and curry leaves. Add in the tomatoes and mix well.