cheryl. gay. lgbt. lgbtq. queer. rainfield. scars. self-harm. self-mutilation. selfharm. selfharmer. selfharmhelp. selfharming. selfmutilation. sexual. sexualabuse. Scars is a fiction book about Kendra, a lesbian teen who was sexually abused but doesn’t remember who abused her. As her abuser starts. Scars by Cheryl Rainfield – book cover, description, publication history.

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I read this one straight through in one evening, gripped and pulled in from the very first page. Views Read Edit View history. I just feel that books with subjects like these are often executed better than mindless love stories strangely enough.

Anonymous September 29, at She wrote the first draft in a few short months, and then for over ten years she edited and revised the book more than forty times before it was accepted for publication by WestSide Books. Westside Books; First edition March 24, Language: How do I start a review on a book that tackles some very tough subjects with its heart in the right place, but doesn’t execute them very well?

It also shows the reader to be brave, to believe in yourself, and to trust your instincts. Jacob, a small young man is an unlikely hero. I honestly expected a terrible, dramatic betrayal or twist at the very end. I’m always looking for emotionally therapeutic books to shove in the hands of needy kids.

I hate to put this out there because I know every author’s work is a part of them but there were so many things going on and little time spent investigating any of it. Kendra’s pain and fear came alive through her artwork and I loved seeing that side of her – the side I had hoped to uncover while reading about her journey.

Cheryl Rainfield: Teen Fiction Author, Reviewer, and Book-a-Holic

It just lacked follow through. Available in hardcover, paperback, ebookand audiobook editions. There was no vagueness or holding of the tongue, Cheryl was very blunt. Something changes in their eyes; pain becomes their center, even when they try to hide it. She isn’t cutting to kill herself- she’s cutting because she has no other way of letting out the intense pain she feels.


The relationship between Meghan and Kendra happened very quickly – a little too quickly to be entirely believable. Those who see themselves in Kendra will, hopefully, hold on to the hope the novel offers in its conclusion.

Cheryl Rainfield

Transformation of the Character: Flashes of a man’s hairy hands clutching her, his voice telling her he will kill her if she tells haunt her, and she is sure she could remember the identity of her abuser if she tried, but she is too afraid to allow herself that knowledge. Kate sees visions of the future–but only when she has an asthma attack.

Retrieved from ” https: My cutting was about trying to deal with more pain than I could handle. Kendra, fifteen, hasn’t felt safe since she began to recall devastating memories of childhood sexual abuse, especially because she still can’t remember the most important detail-her abuser’s identity. It is not for everyone, but it will undoubtedly be really important for more than a few someones. She has written a book you don’t want to put down and I don’t think I didbut at the same time you are so horrified that you want to throw it against the wall, feeling so much for this girl, Kendra, and the pain she must feel.

While it isn’t necessarily okay, it’s needed- and this book stresses that. But, somehow, never got to it. She attends therapy sessions which help her deal with her trauma. And everyone can use that.

Kendra’s story will hit you hard. I made some difficult decisions about confidentiality when I saw clients and that was all under supervision. Scars is an important book. Maybe it’s because I get it and I know exactly what Kendra the main character is feeling, I don’t know. I totally recommend this book: This is a powerful, potent book that will leave you rainfielc twisted and flayed because this book not only dives into the horrific world of child sexual abuse, it throws in cutting.

The rainfieldd, Cheryl Rainfield, is a former cutter and an abuse survivor, and that fact makes Scars even more chilling than it would have been otherwise.


Scars by Cheryl Rainfield

Great review, and thank you for pointing it out for me: I actually thought the writing was fine, easy to read and go through with respect to events, but the way those events seemed to come across with gigantic plot holes and some exorbitant amounts of drama were the thing that took away from my enjoyment of the book. She’s in therapy, and memories seem to be bub Leanette recommended this one, and then it was one of the ‘dark and depressing’ YA novels mentioned in the Wall Street Journal commentary attacking YA literature.

Her family life is complicated. Instead of focusing mainly on her cutting,as many self-harm books seem to do, the book focuses on her life and her fear of the rapist and her abuse, her mother who has NO CLUE how to help, and her friendship and budding romance with Meghan. It’s also been translated into Slovenian.

And my reason for that was because I thought the author was trying to fool the readers in making us believe Kendra was being followed when in reality she was just plain paranoid. Scars is very powerful book. I absolutely loved the scenes where Kendra was painting. Scars is realistic, for the most part, and very enjoyable.

When Meghan enters her life—originally to rescue her from bullying in the school hallway—Kendra experiences a glimmer of hope for her future. This book is one I could never put down. Hm maybe I’ll buy it, still on the fence: Her mother seems to be in some strange competition with Dheryl, and is hypercritical.

And although I felt as though I’d been through the war with it, I couldn’t pretend I wasn’t glad I’d read it.