The Visible Man by Chuck Klosterman – New York Times bestselling author of Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs and Downtown Owl, “the Ethicist” of the New York. Oct 4, Chuck Klosterman’s second novel, The Visible Man, is an example of elegant notebook-to-novel translating. Love him or hate him, Klosterman’s. Oct 27, The Visible Man. An exclusive first serial of Chuck Klosterman’s new novel The entrance swung open and a man stepped into the room.

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This, I think, explains the fundamental urge to get married and have kids, or even just the need to feel popular and respected. It was blast from start to finish, a breezy but at times deceptively sophisticated treatise on identity, human nature, motivation, and The Beatles.

Tell us what you like, so we can send you ,losterman you’ll love. This time around, the music critic who famously sequenced the passages of a comic “manifesto” as if they were tracks on a CD, is expert at concealing himself and revealing himself at the same time.

‘Visible Man’ Asks: What If No One Were Watching?

I don’t know that that’ll ever happen to me. A book with incredibly generous margins and line spacing to help inch it up to that page mark. Write a customer review. Be the first to comment Hide Comments. If you visibke where to look he is still vaguely visible. Don’t have a Kindle? I don’t buy that people are only really themselves when alone.


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Klosterman even acknowledges tbe pairing explicitly at least once: For me, the books klostegman make you think the most about yourself, those around you, and our perception of the world are the hardest to review. If he’s going to write something and call it a novel, it should have a plot that stands on its own. I want to help you. This is voyeurism, justified and not raunchily portrayed, more about the side of human nature than about a sense of amn If you are a seller for this product, would you like to vizible updates through seller support?

I am the original author kloserman this essay, as well as the owner of CCLaP; it is not being reprinted illegally. While these interactions are often richly drawn and dryly funny, what Klosterman has done is create a new, semi-transparent armature to support his style of criticism in a new context, even if those critiques appear as fleshed-out thought experiments that reshape his observations through a darker, misanthropic lens.

Oct 19, Kelly rated it it was ok. As he slowly reveals himself, Vick becomes convinced that he suffers from a complex set of delusions: Klosterman’s first novel, “Downtown Owl,” felt similarly rushed at the finish, but it was marked by an affection for its small-town characters that’s less apparent here.


First off, I gotta say thanks to my friend Faith for recommending this book to me!

Writer Chuck Klosterman presents ‘The Visible Man’

Chuck Klosterman read an excerpt from this book at the Boston Book Festival, and his rambling, manic visiblw to frame, disclaim and explain the excerpt he was about to read took about as long as the amount of time he spend reading from the actual text. Therapist Victoria Vick is contacted by a cryptic, unlikable man who insists his situation is unique and unfathomable.

I should have known what was coming, but of course I did not. In both books, most of the text takes the form of dense musings that is unmistakably in Klosterman’s voice.

When was this novel released? To me, that was totally a decision based around verisimilitude, I guess is the word?

The Visible Man (novel) – Wikipedia

Directly to the reader? Wells’ The Invisib My first Klosterman. DelanyI caught how the strength of this book came in the narrative visibl.

Apr 05, b rated it it was ok.