This example demonstrates how to stream a binary file to the ASP Response. BinaryWrite(dataChunk) () end if loop fac. The following example demonstrates how to use BarCode SDK as ActiveX object in classic ASP (T:e. BinaryWrite BarCodeImage response. ContentType = “application/pdf” der BinaryWrite theData Didn’t realise the script is in classic asp – yuk. Is there a.

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April 6, at 3: I tried deleting the file right after Response.

The sample code below aims to allow authenticated users to download files which are not available via direct download ie.

If i upload a file of samller size i am able to download but if it is little big also i am facing this problem, what should i do now.

July 15, at 4: Right now with your code it just saves the file as the name of the script file. November 20, at January 6, at July 18, at 7: December 15, at Thanks for the example. February 12, at 1: A new image is created which is simply a red square, pixels across.


If its rarely used feature, just let the temp folder fill up and delete the temp files periodically through a normal maintenance procedure. Responsive Theme powered by WordPress.

Thanks Chrissy for posting it. This makes debugging difficult but we will explain more in the next pages.

Dynamically Streaming an Image to the Browser in Classic ASP.

This site uses cookies for functionality, traffic analysis response.binzrywrite for targeted advertising. December 23, at 5: I used this code on my old Windows without any problem, but when I migrated my systems over, it stopped working and gave assp the same result as you, it starts the download but finally I got a broken file.

January 21, at 1: I have used your code and when i download i am getting an erro like this in chrome. Random Coder Aug 20 ’09 at Email Required, but never shown.

Streaming an Image in ASP

Save this file as download. The code for “image. This little piece of code just made my day. That’s not an option for me. This is a more efficient method of streaming large files and prevents the error that can be generated if Response.

It solved a problem I was having with a previous download script because of the II6 4 meg limit. Belgian PowerShell User Group. BinaryWrite and delete it afterwards Ask Question.


Classic ASP: “Push” File Downloads from A Directory Outside the Application Root |

I needed this so I could push files to users without response.binarywrtie the ugly autogenerated filenames we use for storage. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

The first three lines of code prevent the script from being cached. April 15, at I found a solution: I suspect that the point you are calling the DeleteFile method the file you are trying delete is currently locked by something else, the question is what? I revised it and put it in a self-contained function that has the full filename passed to it as an arg.

Leave this field empty. Closebut it had no effect. April 8, at