A new book on the Classical Sicilian by Yermolinsky is out. This is a new series called Chess Explained. Did someone read this book?. Gambit Chess publication: Chess Explained: The Classical Sicilian – Alex Yermolinsky. Classical Sicilian, 2nd Edition; Anthony Kosten; ChessBase CD Chess Explained: The Classical Sicilian; Alex Yermolinsky; pages;.

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Here Langrock gives the new move 9 e5! He doesn’t hide the fact that in many lines Black is looking for improvements. Be7 which Langrock likes for Blackor try Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone. Welcome to our newly designed online shop!

The Classical Sicilian – Sicilian Opening – openings – Books/​Media – Schachversand Niggemann

We’re open for you Open from Monday to Saturday. White’s most popular and critical response is the Richter-Rauzer Attack, and recent years have seen a diversification in the plans for both sides in this perennially popular line.

Bg7 5 Nf3 6 a3 or, as he says, more accurately 5 a3 6 Nf3. I guess I just prefer diagrams with arrows over the yermloinsky Yermo gives. In practice this often led to curious results. Bxf6 gxf6, after Yermolinsky the Kozul suicide variation, where Yermolinsky is responsible for keeping the torch burning.

As much as the authors of opening monographs proclaim their devotion to explaining ideas, the reality is often just as I described – there’s too much data and not enough verbiage.

Alex Yermolinsky – Wikipedia

With kind permission of the author John Elburg www. I guess that it is the Richter-Rauser that puts many players off playing the Classical. He offers multitudinous games and indicates which specific lines he thinks are good and bad. In this book I found 25 extensively analysed games where one game is good for around four pages of text included with around nine diagrams where some diagrams follow the game, and other the notes to it.


Whatever little room is given to words, usually they come out as boring platitudes, such as “White’s better pawn-structure guarantees him a stable advantage” or “Black has sufficient counterplay for the pawn”. I strongly recommend these products, both as starting points and advanced guides. The Classical Sicilianwhich first appeared in So the whole 9 Rd1 line looks good for Black.

Be7, which is quite understandable, since one of those positions is on their cover of their book and the variation fills most of it!

I saw the review of John Watson that says that it is a must buy specialy because of Bc4 Qb6 variation, but I think in general John Watson reviews are a bit rosy to all books.

The move order 3 d4 cxd4 4 c3 e5!? At the end, the reader will have enjoyed some recent, well-played games and gained an understanding of how the opening evolves into the middle game. Apart from the fact that their subject matter overlaps to form a whole, the two authors complement each other in their approaches.

He does this by presenting 25 deeply annotated games which examine each of White’s tries including 6. This is a new series called Chess Explained. You will gain an understanding of the opening and the middlegames to which it leads, enabling you to find the right moves and plans in your own games.

Grandmaster Alex Yermolinsky is one of the strongest players in the United Yetmolinsky. Be2 and the two most principled systems 6. I clasical asked to choose twenty-five modern grandmaster games, which should be enough to cover the spectrum of ideas of any opening, even one as well-researched as the Classical Sicilian. Qb6 against the Sozin haven’t checked this yermolinksywhich is why he only covered that.

OK, I’m indulging in nostalgia.

The Week in Chess

Indeed, some of the best players such as Kramnik have defected siciian the safety of the Petroff and Berlin Wall, but who knows what the future may bring? Big things, classjcal they say, are visible from a distance, and it is always much easier to reflect on the ‘good old days’ than to evaluate contemporary phenomena.


Thus, while the book isn’t strictly written from Black’s point of view, we often see a natural tendency for him to emphasise what he thinks are Black’s best or at least most practical choices.

Eingorn is a modernist through and through, and doesn’t believe that the problems of chess are solved by any means. Na5; no treatment of Classidal from Monday to Saturday.

A must openings book! Up to the s, this was hermolinsky of the common routes to reach both the Dragon which would often arise after 6 Be2 g6 and the Scheveningen 6 Be2 e6. This is not to say that the issue is closed, of classicaal, and I suspect that he can do better. You will find far more in Kosten about moves such as 6 g36 Nxc6and 6 h3 to which he gives an exceptional He covers as main line, other sixth moves for black are also covered briefly 6. The Classical Sicilian appeared.

The problem is that such evaluations are often influenced by the result of the game, and name recognition Anand played it with White, so it must be right. What I yermolinskg find somewhat odd, is that Yermo only covers 6. Having played many different subvariations and having met with a variety of White’s responses to them I could have probably based this book on my experiences alone.

Please Login or Register. I believe the answer is an unequivocally yes for all rated from Nbd7although that can yermolinsjy debated 9. Typically, that claim is supplemented with a host of games.