professor and consultant Gervase R. Bushe, such negative emotions often As a leader, you can clear away the confusion and misunderstandings that fuel. Clear Leadership is a collaborative leadership programme which is based on the globally renowned work of Dr Gervase Bushe, providing a powerful set of skills. CLEAR LEADERSHIP. Sustaining Real Collaboration and Partnership at Work by Gervase R. Bushe. About the Author: Gervase R. Bushe. In This Issue.

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Module 2 Day 3 — The Appreciative and Curious Selves After reconnecting and sharing the experiences of their practice since module 1, participants begin to grow their Clear Leadership skills by being more able to observe question and probe others to understand what they are thinking, feeling and wanting.

Buy it, read it, pass yervase around.

After reconnecting and sharing the experiences of their practice since module 1, participants begin to grow their Clear Leadership skills by being more gervqse to observe question and probe others to understand what they are thinking, feeling and wanting. Gervase Bushe offers us a terrific perspective on leadership. What happened to that win-win partnership with your boss, colleague, or direct report that suddenly dissolved into mistrust and suspicion? Dialogue Tips on technique 5: Participants are given cleqr before the programme which enables them to understand the underlying theory so that time together is spent working on real work issues and practising skills.

We can also run this programme as an in-house programme which can be real value-for-money for groups of six or more. Is this programme for me? Read the Table of Contents Read the Introductory Chapter Read the chapter on the problems created by a lack of Clear Leadership Read a sample chapter on the skills of Clear Leadership Read the appendix on research into Clear Leadership more endorsements Gervase Bushe offers busbe a terrific perspective on leadership. In Clear Leadership, Bushe provides the best insights yet into the dynamics that shape human relationships at work.


Understand how to communicate compelling messages Develop your capability to influence others by being clearer about the expectations you have of yourself and others. After attending the Clear Leadership Programme, yesterday I attempted my first learning conversation with a colleague.

This programme is for you if:. Clear Leadership can help. Being more aware helps you to be more effective about deciding what you say and do Being descriptive helps reduce the inaccurate stories that people make up about you Being curious helps you to understand where others are coming from Being appreciative helps you get more of what you want And when combined these create collaborative leadership skills that make a difference.

Next steps for Clear Leadership Book this course Speak to a consultant Request further info Call or email info roffeypark. You will understand that:. Talk to us to find out more: This programme is for you if: I appreciated the variation in large group work, small group work and working with learning partners. During day two we develop your ability to be clearer in how you describe your experience.

The final day brings together the skills of Clear Leadership to enable you to lead organisational learning conversations. Share this page on Facebook Twitter LinkedIn.

Key features of the programme: More books by this author. We can also deliver our open or custom programmes in-house at your office or venue of your choice.

Clear Leadership – Gervase R Bushe – – Allen & Unwin – Australia

Applying the principles outlined in this book, has already made a difference in the way we communicate in our business. Book a course Request information Speak to a consultant. Listen to Tom Kenward talk about Distributed Leadership: Our in-house research for clients culminates in private or public reports and guides such as those below. Happier too, I think. There is great power in his idea that we construct the world and become effective when we get this, share this and get interested in the stories of others.


This book makes leadership accessible to all, even the quiet, shy, avoid eye contact ones among us.

Clear Leadership: a collaborative approach to leadership

Telephone or email info roffeypark. Using true-to-life stories, practical exercises, and sample dialogues, Bushe identifies the barriers to truth telling and shows how to overcome them; explains exactly what clear leadership is, why it’s important, and how it looks and sounds; and shows how to become more skilled at turning interpersonal clarity into action.

Highly relevant Without collaborative leadership, organisations will experience difficulties in almost every area — silos, low staff engagement, high levels of stress and fragmented implementation of change. Need to customise this? In-between modules Participants are asked to consolidate their learning and practise the skills of clear leadership on a daily basis.

Clear Leadership

People seem to be working and talking together better. Develop your confidence to resolve conflict and differences in order to work more effectively together.

Site path to this programme Home Executive education Training courses and skills development Clear Leadership: Be able to work through differences and conflict without losing trust, respect or commitment from their team Benefits for leaders: Modular design The programme is split into two, two-day modules enabling participants to consolidate their understanding and practise the ideas and methods during the time between modules.

To find out more please contact Melissa Green by email or telephone