Communio et progressio: full text, concordances and frequency lists. pastoral instruction for social communication “Communio et Progressio” officially dated The first draft of “Communio et Progressio” was proposed by the Jesuit. Our world is fast progressing especially in the field of science and technology. As we all know, the Catholic Church is the guardian and.

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They should not hesitate therefore to take the chance offered by the so-called “mass media” to reach great numbers of people.

Pastoral Instruction “Communio et Progressio” on the means of Social Communication

Here and there in the growing body of literature arising from the Church’s consideration of media, the subject of advertising is discussed. Indeed, communication affects the lives and the mentality of human race in all history of mankind.

Representatives of the different sections of the populations should be invited to sit on these councils. On the other hand, freedom of communication would be more to the benefit of those who communicate news rather than for the good of those who receive it, if this freedom existed without proper limits and without thought of those real and public needs upon which the right to information is based.

All this applies even more to those who have to instruct the tastes and judgements of others. It will strengthen cooperation and fellow feeling between communicators and that will be progrfssio the benefit of the whole community.

The encyclical contains almost 16, words in 42 paragraphs. Their resources proressio possible the radical changes that are required in the whole style of religious instruction today. In this task Episcopal Conferences will lean upon the professional assistance which priests, religious and laity can prrogressio. The economic themes include an attack on free mar Communicators breathe life into the dialogue that happens within the family of man.

On the other hand, the regulation of advertising content and practice, already existing in many places, can and progerssio extend beyond banning false advertising, narrowly defined. Whether or not the media can set up an authentic dialogue with society depends very largely upon these recipients.


This is necessary for mutual understanding and for cooperative creativity.

They are also performing a social duty. More than this, unremitting pressure to buy articles of luxury can arouse false wants that hurt both individuals and families by making them ignore what they really need.

Especially since the Second Vatican Council, the Church has frequently addressed the question of the media and their role progdessio responsibilities. This is often the first step in a much wider diffusion made possible by the communications media. Thus, the prime essence of social communication is to unite all mankind as brothers and sisters in Christ, to help one another in order to cooperate with His communlo of salvation.

The Church cannot afford to ignore such opportunities. They should give this advice when they have prrogressio the local experts prigressio, if it should be necessary, after seeking international advice. They will offer their prayers and support so that she will be adequately equipped to fulfill it.

Users should practice moderation and discipline in their approach to the mass media”. Others hold that they increase and spread those tendencies and that, by making them commonplace, lead to their gradual acceptance. And there is more and more call for this in our complex society.

They will try to collate all the findings of research, themselves play a part in this research, and make all of it available to the service of Christian education.

Communio et Progressio

In the second, ccommunio those doctrines may be attributed to the Church which are declared to be such by her authentic Magisterium. Those who would truly understand the spirit of another age have to study not only its history, but also its literature and artefacts.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. It cannot be overstressed that the standard of such presentations must at least equal in quality the other productions of the media. Vommunio of High Altar and Mural in St. They are also invited to friendly meetings with the different sorts of professionals.

Pontifical Council for Social Communications

Advertising can betray its role as progrewsio source of information by misrepresentation and by withholding relevant facts. They are to protest whenever omissions or distortions occur. Er man was created in the image and likeness of God, our inventions necessarily come from God as his gift of providence. Paul Angerer topic Paul Angerer 16 May — 26 July [1] was an Austrian violist, conductor, progresssio and radio presenter.


There is truth to the criticisms, and we shall make criticisms of our own. Generally speaking, though, the problem of truth in advertising is somewhat more subtle: But for all that, God’s love for man persisted, despite its rejection by man. Communicators also can find themselves tempted to ignore the educational and social needs of certain segments of the audience – the cokmunio young, the very old, the poor – who do not match the demographic patterns age, education, income, habits of buying and consuming, etc.

It is a most useful complement to the audio-visual means of communication. Member feedback about Roberto Tucci: Our reason for addressing these matters is simple.

Communio et progressio – Table of Contents – IntraText CT

Paul Angerer 16 May — 26 July [1] was an Austrian violist, conductor, composer and radio presenter. The more they get to know their audience, the more they understand it and appreciate it, the more they will suit what they communicate to those who receive it. These include those that harm the public interest or allow of no public reply.

And it is easier now to produce films that are completely adapted to various needs and circumstances and to project these, not only in large cinemas, but also in small halls and even in homes. To do this, they have to try to foresee the kind of audience they serve. As they themselves are also communicators, they provide the self-criticism within the profession and in this way they are eh to protect creative artists from external pressures.