del órgano dentario, así como también de sus tejidos de soporte.3 La terapia junto a la dentina una unidad denominada complejo pulpo dentinario.2,4 La. y predentina dentina pulpo Complejo dentinario y predentina dentina Dentina dentina predentina y Periodontium y predentina dentina. Acción del agua de cal sobre el complejo pulpo-dentinario. Front Cover. Ulrike Kemmerling Weis. Universidad de Concepción,

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Current philosophies and indications for use.

Tratamiento Endodóntico no Instrumentado en dientes deciduos

Terminal end of the humanodontoblast process: Cohen S, Burns RC, eds. Extraction of mitochondrial Dentlnario from tooth dentin: The effects of dentin permeability on restorative dentistry.

Bactericidal efflcacy of a mixture of ciprofloxacin. Pediatric Dentistry ; 33 4: Microbial Ecology in Health andDisease ; 5: The length of the odontoblast has been widely studied. Evidence for their role as dentinsrio immunoregulatory elements. In endodontically treated teeth, pulp tissue is removed, assuming the complete elimination of cellular content and the inner third of dentin. Effect of electrical tooth stimulation on blood flow, interstitial fluid pressure and substance P and CGRP-immunoreactive nerve fibers in the low compliant cat dental pulp.

Factores que conllevan a una enfermedad pulpar son: To conduct this study we used an experimental design. Response of human pulps following acid conditioning and application of a bonding agent in deep cavities.

In root canals endodontic cement remnants and cylinder-cubic structures resembled odontoblastic bodies were observed, but without certainty to establish its presence. Quantitative bacteriology of endodontic infections.

The role of teeth in the determination of human identity.


Compoejo of Propylene glycol into dentine. Los criterios necesarios para el material obturador ideal en dientes deciduos son los siguientes: Direct capping of human pulps with a dentin bonding system and calcium hydroxide: Twenty teeth roots obtained from 8 single and multi-rooted teeth were treated endodontically, with conventional manual technique. Tolerance and safety of ciprolloxacin in paediatric palients.

Studies in this field are mainly carried out with samples of young, healthy teeth; so the correlation of results is discussed, because teeth are subjected to physiological processes, such as occlusion and tooth damage, abrasions, use of restorative materials, fractures and other processes, which predispose dentin permeability and dentin-pulp response which result in the dentinarrio of odontoblastic process and apposition of dentin. The main cell in the pulpo-dentin complex is the odontoblast, whose cellular body is located on the border between the pulp and dentin and continues through cell processes.

Dentinal fluid dynamics in human teeth, in vivo.


Predominant anaerobes invading the deep layer of root canal dentine. Pulp-dentin biology in restorative dentistry. Because of the complexity of pulp treatment in primary teeth and various factors that determine the clinical success compleji as: In vitro antimicrobial susceptibility to combinations of drugs of bacteria from carious and endodontic lesions of human deciduous teeth.

J Int Endod ; Trowbridge HO, Kim S.

Temperature changes measured in vivo at the dentinoenamel junction and pulpodentin junction during cavity preparation in the Maccaca fascicularis monkey. Oral histology, development, structure and function. Dent Clin North Am.

Antimicrob Chemolher ; Lesion sterilization and tissue repair therapy: The extent and distribution of intratubular collagen fibrils in human dentine. Distribution and organization of odontoblast processes in human dentine. Clinical evaluation of 3Mix and Vitapex as treatment options for dentinarii involved primary molars.


Relação Materiais Dent e Complexo Dentina Polpa

Scanning Electron Microscope observations on the tubule content of freeze-fractured peripheral vervet monkey dentine Cercopithecus pygerythrus. La Pasta 3Mix MP: Differentiation of pulpal cells and inductive influences of various matrices with reference to pulpal wound healing. Histological section of endodontically treated teeth. In endodontically treated teeth, pulp tissue is removed, assuming the complete removal of cellular material and the inner third of dentin.

Oral histology, development, structure and function. Faraco Jr I, Percinoto C. Crit Rev Oral Biol Med.


Final reports of clinical trials compldjo pulpotec Translation of the original text. Role of substance P and calcitonin gene-related peptide in the regulation of interleukin-8 and monocyte chemotactic protein-1 expression in human dental pulp. In conclusion we can report that given the characteristics of primary teeth, which avoid a complete manipulation of root canalssuccessful pulpectomy depends on the reduction or elimination of bacteria not only in root canals, also in places where the chemical and mechanical preparation is difficult to access.

Morphometric analysis of the effectiveness of different concentrations of sodium hypochlorite associated with rotary instrumentation for root canal cleaning.