Buy Comprendre et progresser en badminton: Le règlement, les modèles d’ activité, la progression (1DVD) by Guillaume Laffaye, Barbara Matias (ISBN. Ancien joueur de haut niveau, j’ai commencé le badminton à l’âge de 10 ans. Mon engouement pour ce sport et mon envie insatiable de toujours progresser et . Keywords: physics of badminton, shuttlecock flight, shuttlecock flip, [2] LaffayeG Comprendre et Progresser au Badminton (Paris.

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It is hypothesized that Chen ; ; Laffaye ; Pearce In other terms, net game. Research interests The understanding of complex motor skills of elite players by identifying mechanical, anthropometrical and physiological variables to predict the performance. By continuing to use this site you agree to our use of cookies. The Reynolds number corresponding to the flow is also reduced but it stays in the regime of high Reynolds number where fluid effects are described by the same laws.

According to experienced players, the trajectories of feathered shuttlecocks are more ‘triangular’, as indeed seen in figure Only the ‘spin in’ or ‘spin out’ techniques allow one to outweigh this criterion and make the projectile turn several times before stabilizing with the nose ahead.

To be more accurate as possible, we choose to from the opponent Abian-vicen et al. Domprendre et al reported that Because proggesser light particle experiences a large drag, its trajectory is nearly triangular [ 8 ] and it highly depends on the projectile properties. Chronophotographies of shuttlecocks after an impact with a racket, showing the time evolution of the angle between the shuttlecock orientation and its velocity. Plot of the experimental angle between the shuttlecock axis and its velocity as a function of the coordinate s of the shuttlecock along its trajectory divided by the curvilinear coordinate when the projectile reaches the floor.

The second part concerns trajectories at the scale of the court, that is, for clear strokes. The shuttlecock’s mass is for the feathered one and for the plastic. Among the strokes used in badminton, we aim to determine which ones are influenced by this versatile motion.


Relations 4 and 5 imply that a small initial velocity U 0as employed in net drops, increases the shuttlecock oscillating and stabilizing times. The aerodynamics of several shuttlecocks was studied in a wind progresset by Cooke and Firoz [ 45 ].

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Comparative results of the temporal structure in the literature of Badminton. This test selects shuttlecocks which are appropriate to the current atmospheric conditions, and it proves that air temperature and humidity influence the trajectory.

This choice has been made for two main reasons: Drops 3 and net shots 7 are slow, gentle shots that fall just behind the net into the opponent’s forecast. I just went on court to play. Journal of Human Movement Studies 38 This intensity is reinforced by the one-third 0.

And because it’s my dream to go to the Rio Olympics I’m willing to work even harder with this support.

Some people are truly blessed. Using a pendular system, Cooke measured different shuttlecocks’ moments of inertia and concluded that J is [ 3 ]. The first study finding indicates a high shot fre- quency, about 1.

Alternatively, they do not hesitate to fold the extremities of feathers toward the interior or the exterior in order to modify the shuttlecock cross-section and adapt the aerodynamic length to the present atmospheric conditions. He used for this Liddle, D. For typical shuttlecocks, this relation becomes. Obayashi et al also investigated the effect of a shuttlecock rotation on to its skirt ett [ 13 ].

Our repartition is closer to the one found in international tournaments: In badminton, the initial launching velocity U 0 is often much larger than and players can feel the saturation of the range with initial velocity.

Numerical trajectories correspond to experimental badmintoh and predict the range for both kinds of shuttlecock. The fact that axial rotation does not lead to gyroscopic stabilization can be understood.

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Wind tunnel measurements also reveal that there is no lift force on a shuttlecock when its axis of symmetry is aligned along the velocity direction. Statistical analysis number of shots per rally and shot frequency.


Further, it seems that changes have appeared in the tactical aspects of the game with time. At the same time, the effective playing time from Moreover, to understand the link between variables, a uni-variated correlation study with Pearson correlation was performed.

The link prpgresser the rotational and linear velocity of a shuttlecock can be understood by writing the balance between the propulsive and friction torques applied on a feather:. Shuttlecock drag coefficients as function of the Reynolds number for projectiles free to rotate or not full and empty symbols, respectively.

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So there are many players who were supported by their associations but have later chosen to be independent but it seems the ones who are most successful as independents are those who are already at the top, like Taufik Hidayat or Markis Kido. The blue solid line shows the solution of the equation of motion with the same initial conditions and the same properties of a standard shuttlecock while the dashed line shows this solution after taking into account the modification of the cross-section of the projectile measured in a wind tunnel figure Click here to close this overlay, or press the “Escape” key on your keyboard.

Limitations One limitation of the present study is that it is based only on the finals and not the entire tournaments. For a standard impact, the two initial conditions given to a shuttlecock are thus not independent. Assuming thatwe get:. The sketch in figure 5 a highlights the effect of the drag on an inclined shuttlecock. The change of the temporal structure has been summarized in Table 2.