Conjured. a young adult novel by Sarah Beth Durst available now from Bloomsbury / Walker Books for Young Readers · Read the first chapter. Eve has a new. Title: Conjured. Author: Sarah Beth Durst. Genre: Horror, Fantasy, Young Adult. Publisher: Walker Childrens Publication Date: September 3rd. One. She can’t remember who she is – but she has someone else’s face and name. Two. She is the only survivor of a notorious serial killer – who will never sto .

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She knows that Malcolm is kind and considerate and that ‘Aunt’ Nicki thinks she’s a waste of perfectly good space. Since the MC, Eve, starts off as an empty-headed amnesiac, it was slow going at first. This plot is more then a typical story about a girl named Eve who has no memories. Which makes things like, getting out of the car hard because seh doesn’t know what a seatbelt is.

When you do find out each and every surprise in this book, I hope you will be as blown away as I am. Aug 28, Melodie rated it liked it. Eve just stands there feeling really sorry for herself, and so utterly apologetic that she can’t deliver the answers that the Big Honchos want to hear. The plot was very original. We gradually learn that the Marshals are trying to track down a serial killer and that there are multiple worlds with all sorts of amazing beings.

We get hints, sure, disconnected visions that Eve has when she blacks out after performing magic. I loved how new and fresh everything felt – I’ve never read anything like it before!


Eve has retrograde amnesia and is in the midst of relearning basic everyday tasks.

I did not care for Aidan, Topher, or Victoria. I mean, this might very well be her best book yet.

Zach, the love interest, just blurts out whatever is in his head. Sometimes I think I do, sometimes I think I don’t. Everyone wants her to remember.

Conjured by Sarah Beth Durst by Jasmine Hull on Prezi

I wouldn’t recommend this book as a thriller. When she wakes up after those black-outs she realises that days or sometimes even weeks have passed and she has no short-term memory of those moments.

She turned herself into who Zach saw. There was so much potential in the world-building and characters in the novel that I think the book would have been more effective and enjoyable as a series.

Eve’s craziness made me dizzy, the plot felt scattered, the entire story a mess.

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Nothing but confusion, and there is nothing that’s grabbing my attention. The novel centers around protagonist Eve who has been placed in a paranormal version of the witness protection program. In a good way.

Her caregivers were Malcolm and “Aunt” Nicki, and they were fairly bland – neither loving or nefarious. Eve must find out who and what she really is before the killer finds her—but the truth may be more dangerous than anyone could have ever imagined. I almost gave up around the middle and posted a DNF review, but only the fact that this was a Sarah Beth Durst book held me back from giving up.


When I finished reading Conjured, my first thought was, “Why wasn’t this a short story? And after everything, they don’t give the Magic serial killer the death penalty. Due to the nature of her amnesia, Eve is completely devoid of personality. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage conjurrd. She’s constantly being told she’s in danger, but I never felt that.

Would you like to tell us about a lower price? The problem was, it was revealed so slowly, I kept wondering when the serial killer was going to show up. The book wasn’t bad, but I went into it sarau I didn’t read the synopsis conjures, and Conjured really wasn’t the right book for that.

Hands down one of my top favorite books ever. Maybe you should check up on ya boy and see if he’s addicted to eating flowers srah something because yo, flower breath is unnatural. Everyone but one wants to use her and she wants to be free Okay, he stole the book. The book promised me danger, excitement, magic: So at the end of the book did Eve turn back into a human or no?

The ending though is kind of perfect for them and for this story in the way that it is flawed and even perhaps, questionable.