The fourth novel in #1 New York Times bestselling author Christine Feehan’s GhostWalker series plunges two lovers into a game where danger and passion lurk. Conspiracy Game (GhostWalkers, Book 4) [Christine Feehan] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The fourth novel in #1 New York Times. Conspiracy Game is the fourth title in the Ghostwalker Series of paranormal romance by Christine Feehan. Conspiracy Game.

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As their feelings for one another grow stronger the secret military force that imprisoned her comes back to claim her. Apr 13, Laura V. I love Jack Norton. fhristine

Conspiracy Game – Wikipedia

His chest and especially his back were on fire and his leg throbbed with pain. Even now, he might be close. I took a break after reading the first three because I had found them somewhat repetitive and while I enjoyed the characters, I was not enthralled with the writing. Quotes from Conspiracy Game. There was so much going on – Jack escaping the rebels in Congo, feehsn up the destruction of their camp, meeting Briony, almost getting recaptured by the ga,e rebels, having Briony save his life, seeking shelter and hiding in her room, asking her brother Jebediah for help, having sex with Briony, and finally hurting her on purpose and leaving with no intention of seeing her again – I could hardly breathe.

He was classified and the information Biyoya possessed consppiracy in a classified file with a million red flags. The Ghostwalkers own the night and work in the shadows. They want her conwpiracy her unborn child The survivors call themselves the Ghostwalkers, shadow knights who protect against evil forces using psychic powers, courage and honor.


It is so sweet how hard he tries to soften himself for Briony. It added humor to the story with some dark parts. The majority of the rebels were military trained, and many had at one time been of high rank in the government or military until one of the many coups and now they were growing marijuana and wreaking havoc, raiding smaller towns and killing everyone who dared to oppose them or had the farms or land the rebels wanted.

I loved the movement in the plot, the pacing was good, there wasn’t so much sex bogging it down but there are at least chriwtine sex scenes and one was totally blush-worthy. Excellent Read from Christine Feehan! Bill Winston would consider a transition figure.

Conspiracy Game

Just as Jack and Briony reach this new understanding, the house comes under attack. But also heartrending, poignant, and real. The well written action packed suspense kept me on my seat, I could not wait to see what happened next! Major Biyoya would be furious that Jack had escaped. The guards were set six feet apart. Definitely can’t wait to get to know her better. Could the interrogation have broken Ken?

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. The Norton brothers are just the right blend of strength and tortured vulnerability. I love the heroes who know they are messed up and try to drive away the one they love to protect her from their bad personalities. She did love him without realising what he has been doing for all these years. So I’ve been really looking forward to this read, and I wasn’t disappointed.


He kept moving fast into deeper jungle where the light barely penetrated the thick canopy. That was undoubtedly the worst proposal ever I must say. Enter our heroine, Briony. It flows along with the rest of the series and can work as a standalone story. The moisture that did touch him helped to ease the oppressive heat.

The soldiers tramped through the forest, using bayonets to thrust cinspiracy the thick shrubs and ferns. I admire her strong will and her cool temper, cbristine the fact that she will stand up for herself and fight for those she loves. It follows a formula, but the characters lightly cling to you so that you react to them.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. He was a government experiment gone wrong. Feeahn free and yours to keep. But a mission to rescue his brother crhistine the jungle has left him vulnerable to rebel forces. While she lets him get away with a lot she is definitely able to stand up for herself when she needs to.

He settled back and closed his eyes, needing to sleep for a few minutes. Jack Norton is a GhostWalker, a genetically enhanced sniper with a merciless sense of justice, a phantom welcomed by the anonymity of the night. Conspiracy Game is the Ghostwalker story of Briony and Jack.