Constantin Schifirneţ . Sociologie Românească 2(3): – . Schifirneţ, C ( a) The mass media and tendentious modernity in the. La Corresponding author: Constantin Schifirnet¸, Faculty of Communication Sciences and Public Relations, Vlăsceanu L () Sociologie si modernitate. Constantin Schifirnet . The European countries are regarded as transition Schifirneţ / The Europeanization of the .. Sociologie românească, Vol. VII, 4, pp .

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It is a mosaic modernity, not one that is structured as a clear, dominant form, inexistent as a project of modernization. Historically, Romania’s direction was decided long ago, even during the communist period.

Constantin Schifirneţ

All discourses from the Romanian public space invariably associate the Europeanization with a new modernization, showing the existence of a modernization deficit which is expected to be overcome during the European development. The modernity slowly and with difficulty penetrates a complicate network of social- institutional structures of the traditional society.

Log In Sign Up. Sociplogie way Romania was asked to give up certain particularities because they did not coincide with the main directions of the accession to the EU. The creation of a national identity in the context of depend- ency on the great empires was essential.

Economic development tends to alter a society in a predictable direction, but the process and the path are not inevitable. Another characteristic of the tendential modernity is given by the low visibility of the reformers in the public space and in the act of soiologie political or governmental decision.

Throughout this whole period, from the late 18th century until today, cultural, political constantkn intellectual moderni- zation was way constangin of economic modernization because of the gap between the rate of institutional renewal and economic progress.

These objectives were not fulfilled, but the RDC continued governing for the entire period of its legisla- tive term, — Europeanization is discussed as a process which takes place under the guidance of the EU, necessary for any state interested in the EU accession Grabbe, ; Papadimitriou and Phinnemore, The post communist period has revealed the importance constantiin the political competition in the functioning of the society on the principles and standards of democracy.

REVISTA UNIVERSITARA DE SOCIOLOGIE, NO. 1 | Revista Universitară de Sociologie

This is an siciologie which socoologie that the elites embrace the easy option for ideas and explanations taken from other cultures or other historical periods, thus proving their inability to propose strategies of moderniza- tion in accordance with present-day social and economic realities.


I have applied my thesis to the study of the modernization of Romanian society through all its stages: Log In Sign Up. In this article, I discuss the necessity of approaching modernity from the angle of the historical trend of Romanian society. We will keep in mind a certain evolution of Romania’s position on the relationships with the EU with direct effect on the Europeanization process.

J HabermasA GiddensU Beck and Z Baumanthe creators of some of these modernity models — the reflexive, the second and the liquid models — outline the pattern of Western modernity. The Romanian bourgeoisie, being few in sociologue, did not have a strong economic base. Conclusions Because of the fact that after the European integration Romania will still continue to be a society in transition, the most critical and relevant problematic regards the dependency of the Romanian society on the strong societies in Europe.

Socioligie Habermas writes, the theory of modernization moves modernity away from its schiflrnet European origins. It did not work Downloaded from ssi. Let us not forget that is the way Romania was integrated in the European Union!

Constantin Schifirneț

The return to private property in agriculture did not produce progress in this area, which was largely left behind — there were many peasants and a few farmers existing in a predominantly subsistence economy. Kaya I Modernity, openness, interpretation: In reality, the political and the administrative elites do not have the ability to produce and to sustain a qualitative and competitive social devel- opment.

The working migration in other EU member states is based not on the level of incomes but on the experiences related to the workplace. This interdepend- ency shows the presence of modernity all over the world, not modernity as a unique pattern, but modernity as a diversity of modernities. Sisteme alternative de formare a tineretului.

While the discourse created the impression that Romanians were closer to the Western ideal-type of modernity, current practices showed that they were far from conforming to this framework. The emphasis of the modernization process was on the creation of a national, coherent and strong state capable of achieving the national ideal, which was to unite the Romanians into a unitary state.


Romania needs to value its national advantages if it wants to participate actively in Europeanization and globalization. But this modern institutional construction lacked a theoretical project, unlike the case of France, where a broad and deep spiritual and cultural movement preceded the Revolution of The Romanians were accepted into the European Union with this legacy: The universities disseminate the most important stock of ideas about modernity, but these self-same universities have difficulty changing because of mechanisms such as those imposed by our particularly complex structural pluralism, intensified by the precarious material and financial conditions in which they operate.

To this query, the blunt answer must be yes. In time, with several agreements with EC, the commercial exchanges were facilitated. On the contrary, the result is the fragmentation of the organic evolu- tionary course of Romanian society.

Constantin Schifirneț – Wikipedia

Office for Official Publications of the European Communities. In his works, he demonstrated the existence of a conflict between generations in the socialist society. Moreover, some of the reformers acted bureaucratically when they gained the power, some of them going so far as to neglect or even to reject the criticism of their actions. There are also situations of modernization generated from the bases of Romanian society.

The Romanian elites are not Euro-sceptic indeed, as proof stands, there is no party without a European program to which the electorate can adhere. In reality the Europeanization is not uniform, it constantib unequal Eder, because of the existence in the EU of more Europes: Some members of the elites belong to cosmo- politan networks, but they do not have enough force to decisively influence the evolution of Romanian society, and that is why the action of the masses seems to be more powerful than the pressure of the elites.

Even in this case, there is a tendency to surpass the status quo, to reach a new level of relationship with the establishment.